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Stargazing Equipment & Accessories

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Celestron PowerTank Glow 5000 Red LED Flashlight & USB Charger

Celestron PowerTank Glow 5000 - 93585

SKU: CEL-93585
  • Beam or Lens Color: Red
  • Illumination Type: LED

After you’ve selected your telescope, mount, and eyepieces, you may think you’re ready to gaze at the sky all night long. Well, we’re here to tell you that you may want to consider a few accessories to make your viewing more comfortable. Seasoned astronomers will tell you that it’s better to be prepared for anything. Our experts at High Point Scientific hand-picked this selection of accessories perfect for all levels of astronomers.

Only amateur astronomers overlook comfort. If your viewing with back or neck aches, you are likely to spend less time viewing and you may find you are not as accurate in finding your favorite celestial objects. That is why a folding chair or ladder is a great choice to take with you wherever you go. Even when viewing with binoculars, a reclining chair can allow your shoulders and arms to relax. And where will you put your accessories, star charts, or computer? Don’t leave them on the dewy ground when you can bring along a folding table.

If you typically use a star chart or book while viewing, a light is crucial to deciphering a star chart in low visibility conditions. Moreover, a red light is a favorite among astronomers because it keeps your eyes adjusted to the darkness as much as possible. Even if you use an ordinary flashlight, covering the lighted end with red cellophane won’t do the job. These lights are often too bright even after modification. Be sure to look for a red flashlight with adjustable brightness. As you progress further into amateur astronomy, you will find that you will need less light to read your star charts. In other words, a brighter light means your eyes take longer to re-adapt to the darkness, taking more time away from your observations.

Have you ever wanted to point out a double star or show a friend the Orion Nebula? A green laser pointer is the best way to do just that. Green is the easiest color to spot and laser pointers make for an engaging star party for everyone. Easily trace out celestial objects with pinpoint accuracy, which can even be handy when aiming your scope.

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