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Meade Personal Weather Station - TM005X-M


Meade Personal Weather Station

  • Meade Personal Weather Station is a compact and straight forward weather station

  • Select from Centigrade or Fahrenheit format

  • Contains a single TS33C-M remote sensor ranging up to 164 feet

  • Humidity is displayed as a percentage between 20%-95%

The Meade Personal Weather Station gives you accurate indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity conditions in as many as three locations. The weather station tells you the temperature in your choice of Centigrade or Fahrenheit, has a single TS33C-M remote sensor ranging as far as 164 feet, and can be mounted as a wall unit or used as a desktop option. Humidity can be displayed as a percentage with a range from 20-95% Minimum and maximum temperatures, as well as humidity, are recorded for both indoor and outdoor locations. This compact and straightforward weather station packs the basic and essential features needed.

Meade Personal Weather Station Features:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

  • Contains a remote TS33C sensor with 164 foot meter range

  • Comfort level indicators

  • 12 or 24 weather forecast icons

  • Min/Max Memory for indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity

  • Desktop or wall mount option

  • Remote channels auto-scan

  • Choose between Centigrade of Fahrenheit format

  • Indoor/outdoor humidity range of 20% to 95%