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Orion RedBeam II LED Flashlight - 05755

SKU: ORI-05755

Orion RedBeam II LED Flashlight

The versatile Orion RedBeam II LED Flashlight features continuously adjustable brightness so you can keep it dim or turn it up when need. The best, the dual red LEDs will preserve your dark adaptation. Keep it dim for reading star charts while in the field, or with a turn of the knurled finger wheel make it bright for walking around the campsite or packing up for the night all while retaining your night vision.

This 4.25" long LED light emits a night vision-friendly red light, so you can read star maps or see inside your accessory case without forcing your eyes to adjust. White light is a headache for astronomers because once you turn off the white light, your eyes will need time to readjust to the dark night, losing you precious observation time behind the telescope. Luckily the Orion RedBeam II Flashlight will preserve your night vision so can enjoy the night sky worry-free.

The Orion RedBeam II flashlight features twin red LEDs which are powered by one replaceable 9-volt alkaline battery (included) that provides up to 600 hours of use. The durable, 4.25" long plastic housing fits easily in a pocket, or you hang it around your neck with the attached 20" looped cord.