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Orion 3 mm Edge-On Planetary Eyepiece - 08884

SKU: ORI-08884

3mm Orion Edge-On Planetary Eyepiece

  • Orion 3mm Edge-On Planetary eyepieces is a High-magnification 1.25" eyepiece designed for exceptional planetary and lunar viewing.

  • Orion 3mm Edge-On barrel distortion and field curvature commonly seen in standard eyepiece designs are virtually gone.

  • Orion 3mm Edge-on flat field design ensures sharp focus all the way to the edge of their wide 55-degree apparent field of view.

  • Orion 3mm Edge-On Planetary eyepiece has long 20mm eye relief for comfortable viewing even with eyeglasses on.

  • Amazingly affordable Orion 3mm Edge-On Planetary eyepiece won't leave you "on edge" financially!

Bringing flat-field performance to solar system viewing, in the form of three high-magnification focal lengths is the 3mm Orion Edge-On Planetary Eyepieces. Each utilizes a chic 7-element lens design reminiscent of exotic, high-priced oculars to provide a sharp focus all the way to the edge of their wide 55-deg apparent field of view. Virtually gone are the field curvature abberations and barrel distortion common in standard telescope eyepiece designs. Whether you're studying Jovian cloud belts or canvassing the lunar terminator, the Orion Edge-On Planetary eyepieces let you push the power.

The 7-element optics are fully multi-coated for high light transmission, and each eyepiece has 20mm eye relief for viewing comfort. Other nice touches include pop-down rubber eyeguards, blackened telescope lens edges, and barrels threaded for 1.25" filters. The barrel diameter is 1.25".