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DC Battery Power Supplies

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Celestron PowerTank Lithium Pro - 18768

SKU: CEL-18768
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amps: 5A
Celestron PowerTank Lithium LT Portable Power Pack

Celestron PowerTank Lithium LT - 18763

SKU: CEL-18763
  • Lithium Power Pack with stable 12V output
  • Provides up to 8 hours of power
  • Great for telescopes as well as other equipment.
  • USB port for 2.1A fast charge of smartphones, tablets, or any accessories that need 5V USB power.
$84.95 $65.00

Celestron 12V 7 AH Power Tank Portable Power Supply - 18774 - Used

SKU: UEQ-20897-CEL-18774
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amps: 7A
$84.95 $74.95

DC battery supply units are a great way to power your telescope! The DC Telescope Power units that you see here have been carefully sourced by our telescope experts. When you are in the telescope business for as long as we have been you tend have your favorite telescope dc power supplies. At the moment our favorite power supply is the Celestron PowerTank Lithium Power Supply! This portable telescope power supply is incredibly efficient and easy to travel with.

One of our other favorites is the Orion Dynamo Pro! The Dynamo Pro is an exceptional Lithium DC Power Supply and is compatible with nearly all telescopes! This Telescope Power Supply has a built in power saver function that will shut the battery down after a few minutes in the event that it is left on by accident. This is a great feature so that your DC telescope power supply doesn't run out of charge.

If you have questions about which portable DC telescope power supply is best for your telescope equipment feel free to reach out to our telescope experts!