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QHY5L-II-M CMOS Planetary Monochrome Camera - QHY5L-II-M

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QHY5L-IIM Monochrome CMOS Camera
For Planetary, Lunar, Ha Solar, & Bright Deep Sky Imaging

  • Aptina 1/3” MT9M034 CMOS Sensor
  • 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Small pixel size of 3.75um
  • USB and ST4 interface
  • QE of 74%

The QHY5L-II is the size of a 1.25” eyepiece and sports the 1.23 Megapixel Aptina MT9M034 monochrome CMOS sensor, which features high sensitivity and low noise. With an unbelievable 74% QE, the QHY5L-II's sensitivity exceeds many CCD sensors. The readout noise can reach as low as 4 electrons, and the sensor's on-chip FPN (Fixed Pattern Noise) calibration function keeps the image clear and uniform even under high gain. With these advantages, the QHY5L-II produces outstanding image quality for planetary imaging, guiding, deep sky imaging or when using in conjunction with a wide angle lens as an all sky camera.

The QHY5L-II also offers high-speed data transfer performance. It can achieve 30 FPS at full resolution and 200 FPS at 320x240. This frame rate is quite good for planetary capture.

Both native WDM drivers and Broadcast WDM drivers are supplied with the QHY5L-II. This means you can use it as an ultra high-performance webcam or for live video broadcasts. You can show your friends what’s happening in the sky in real-time with this camera.

Aptina MT9M034 Sensor Specifications

  • Optical Format: 1/3 inch
  • Active Pixels: 1280 x 960
  • Sensor Size: 4.83mm x 3.63mm
  • Pixel Size: 3.75um
  • Shutter Type: Electronic Rolling
  • Max Frame Rate: 30 FPS progressive scan
  • ADC Resolution: 14-bit, on chip, 8-bit/12-bit output
  • Dynamic Range: >115 dB
  • Binning: 1*1
  • Exposure Min & Max: 20us - 10 minutes
  • QE: 74% peak