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QHY Motorized Small Color Filter Wheel - 5-Position, 36mm Carousel - CFW2-S

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QHY Small Color Filter Wheel
with a 5 Position Carousel for 36mm Unmounted Filters

The QHY “small” motorized CFW2 color filter wheel comes standard with a gear-driven 5-position wheel that accepts 36mm unmounted filters (sold separately). There is also a small CFW2 available that comes with a 6 position 1.25" carousel for the same price; you can find that small CFW2 here.

The QHY CFW2-S is only 15.5mm, or 0.61 inches thick, and weighs 12.87 ounces or 365 grams. It is specially designed to hold filters of different thicknesses, from 0.7mm to 4mm.

This is the second generation of the QHY CFW. Improvements to this solid electronic color filter wheel include moving the motor to a corner of the unit to increase the work area, and increased filter location precision.

The telescope side of the CFW2 sports a 3.5” deep M54/0.75 female connector as well as six M3 screw holes which allow you to connect the QHY-OAG. The camera side has a slightly shallower (2.5”) M42/0.75 female thread connector and six 3mm through holes. The camera connection has a 2mm deep stage designed to stop light leaks.

QHY CFW2 sockets include an RJ11 to connect your QHY camera, and a USB 2.0 to connect your computer. This color filter wheel can be used with other brand cameras with some slight modifications — a step-by-step set of instructions is in the manual.