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High Point SCT Dielectric Diagonal - 2" - HPS-D2SCT


High Point 2" SCT Dielectric Mirror Diagonal

  • Attaches directly to the external male SCT threads on the rear cell of your Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (SCT)

  • The 2" Dielectric Diagonal from High Point features Dielectric Coatings with 99% reflectivity across the visible wave spectrum

  • A 1/12th wave BK7 mirror comes standard

  • Our SCT Dielectric Diagonal is CNC Machined and looks great on the back of any SCT

  • Equipped with a 1.25" - 2" eyepiece adapter this diagonal accepts both 1.25" and 2" Eyepieces

  • Features a non-marring compression ring on the diagonal body and the 1.25" to 2" Adapter

  • Weight 1.1 lb without the 1.25" - 2" adapter and 1.4 lb with the 1.25" - 2" Adapter

This 2" SCT Dielectric Diagonal is a beautifully crafted, CNC Machined Diagonal that looks great on any SCT scope. Optically, this diagonal is highlighted by a 1/12 wave BK7 mirror with enhanced dielectric coatings that deliver 99% reflectivity across the visible spectrum.

Included with each Diagonal is a 1.25" to 2" eyepiece adapter that allows you to use of both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces. Weighing only 1.1 lb without the eyepiece adapter and 1.4 lb with the eyepiece adapter, this diagonal won't add precious weight to your telescope. The SCT Diagonal from High Point offers superior performance, don't hesitate to attach this diagonal to your high-end SCT; you will not be disappointed!