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Smartphone Telescope Adapters, Mounts & Accessories

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Get started in astrophotography faster and easier than ever before with these smartphone telescope adapters and accessories from High Point Scientific! Using your phone to take photos is a cost-effective way to enjoy astro-imaging without the hassle of finding an imager. Simply use your phone’s built-in camera to take great photos of the night sky. Today’s smartphones are equipped with a powerful camera, capable of producing stunning photos of a variety of celestial objects. Imaging with a smartphone is a great option for observers looking to get quick and easy shots to share with their friends and family.

We offer smartphone telescope adapters and accessories from some of the most trusted brands in the industry, such as Celestron, Orion, Simulation Curriculum, and many more. Our experts carefully selected accessories best suited for today’s smartphones. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android device, we have accessories that are right for you. The easiest way to image is by using a smartphone to eyepiece adapter. Another option is to use a universal camera/smartphone mount, to eliminate shot-blurring hand shakiness. Simply connect your smartphone to the end of your OTA setup to start taking great photos! You can even power your telescope with your phone’s battery using one of our connector cables. The options are limitless!

The most important aspect of any smartphone astro-imaging session is the setup. Some phones work better with one OTA while others work better with a different one. It also may take trial and error to get your setup to focus on your smartphone’s camera. There are many excellent guides online dedicated to smartphone imaging. We also have imaging experts right here at High Point Scientific ready to answer your toughest questions about smartphone telescope adapters and accessories!

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