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Celestron NexStar SE Accessory Bundle - SEKIT

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Celestron NexStar SE Accessory Bundle

You've got a great telescope, now let's trick it out with some really great accessories! The first thing every new telescope owner wants and needs is more eyepieces. The Celestron NexStar SE telescope comes with one 25 mm eyepiece, which is great for medium-power views. You will soon find, however, that you want more! The planets, the Moon, and some deep-sky objects shine under higher magnifications, and sometimes you'll need a lower power eyepiece to soak up the faint light given off by far-off celestial objects.

The Celestron 1.25" Accessory Kit is included in the NexStar SE Accessory Bundle. Inside the sturdy aluminum carry case you will find five eyepieces, a 2X Barlow lens, six planetary filters and a Moon filter. Whether you are looking at Saturn, the Moon, the Orion Nebula, or any other solar system or deep-space object, you will appreciate all of these accessories.

The Celestron NexStar SE Accessory Bundle also includes a 12-volt, 7-amp Power Tank from Celestron. With this portable power source and the Car Battery Adapter that came with your NexStar SE, you can run the telescope from anywhere. The Power Tank will also help you out if your car battery is low, and it has a built-in flashlight with a red filter cap.

More about the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit

The Celestron 1.25" Eyepiece and Filter Kit with Aluminum Case is a 14 Piece 1.25" telescope accessory kit that contains:

  • Five superior grade Celestron Plossl eyepieces - 1.25"

  • Barlow Lens: 2x - 1.25"

  • Moon Filter - 1.25": A Moon filter reduces the brightness of the Moon and improves contrast so that greater detail can be observed on the lunar surface. The filter has threads which allow it to screw into the bottom of the eyepieces

  • 6 Colored Eyepiece Filters - 1.25"

  • Aluminum carrying Case

Celestron Plossl Eyepieces (Five superior grade Plossl eyepieces) - 1.25": The Celestron Plossl Eyepieces come with a 4 element design and have a 52 degree AFOV (32 mm has 44 degrees). The Celestron Plossl Eyepieces have superb color resolution, edge sharpness and clarity. All Celestron eyepieces in the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit are fully-multicoated for maximum contrast and resolution. Supplied eyepieces are the 6 mm, 8 mm, 13 mm, 17 mm, and 32 mm focal length Plossl type.

Celestron Barlow Lens - 2x 1.25": The 2x Barlow lens in the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit compliments the Plossl eyepieces and gives you a total of ten power combinations. High grade glass optics with fully-multicoated lenses are used so there is no degradation of image.

Celestron colored eyepiece (Lunar and planetary) Filters - 1.25": Included are Kodak Wratten #12, #21, #25, #56, #58, and #80A filters. Since you have all the eyepieces necessary to study the planets and moon in detail, these filters will greatly enhance your enjoyment of our solar system.

Celestron Moon Filter - 1.25": A neutral-density (ND) filter which allows you maximum enjoyment of the Moon, especially during its brighter phases.

Celestron Aluminum Carrying Case: This sturdy and well-built case fits all of the above items in the die-cut foam interior and has room for additional accessories.

More About the Celestron Portable Power Tank

For any Celestron computerized telescope. Now you can take your telescope anywhere with this portable rechargeable power supply. Whether you have a computerized telescope or operate your telescope using motors, Celestron specially designed this product with the amateur astronomer in mind -- this model is packed with useful features. Not only useful for setting up and powering your scope, this model can also be useful as an emergency roadside accessory as it includes an emergency light, and booster terminals in place to start weak car batteries.

Celestron 12-Volt, 7 Amp Portable Power Tank Highlights

  • 7-amp hour battery

  • Two 12V output cigarette lighter ports

  • 3V, 6V and 9V outputs for accessories

  • Built-in flashlight with red filter cap

  • Energy efficient LED spotlight

  • Booster terminal on rear side

  • Built-in Circuit Breaker for safety

  • Cigarette lighter adapter included

  • 110 V/220 V switchable universal AC adapter included