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Celestron 1.25" Lunar and Planetary Color Filter Set - 94119-10

SKU: CEL-94119-10

Celestron 1.25" Lunar & Planetary Color Filter Set

  • Perfect for novice astronomers, these 1.25" planetary filters work with just about any telescope.
  • See lunar and planetary features in a completely different light.
  • Threaded aluminum cell on the top and bottom enables stacking.
  • Includes Wratten #12 Deep Yellow, #21 Orange, #80A Light Blue, and a #ND-96-0.3 Neutral Density Filter with 50% transmission.

Color filters are useful for highlighting details in the surface terrain of a planet or in its cloud system. All filters included in this set are compatible with any 1.25" eyepiece using the appropriate filter threads, making them extremely versatile. Simply attach one of these filters to the eyepiece of your choice and slide it into the focuser.

This Celestron filter set includes the following color filters:

  • #12 Deep Yellow - Best suited for smaller telescopes under 4.5" in aperture, the #12 Yellow is a nice general purpose filter that will enhance contrast in the Moon's features. This filter will also aid you in seeing the equatorial belts on Jupiter and Saturn, clouds and the polar ice caps on Mars, and the murky detail of Uranus and Neptune.
  • #21 Orange - Sharpens the boundaries along the plains of Mars due to the reduction of blue/green transmissions. Use on Jupiter and Saturn to enhance detail in the belts and polar regions.
  • #80A Light Blue - Increases contrast in Jupiter's cloud belts and Saturn's polar ice caps. Plus, if you don't mind color shift, this filter can be used to improve lunar contrast as well.
  • ND-96-0.3 Neutral Density - An excellent filter for the Moon, as well as for stacking with other planetary filters for increased density without adjusting the color. Neutral density filters are also great for splitting binary or double star systems. Whenever you need to reduce brightness but don't want an object's color features to be affected, this is the filter to use.

Each 1.25" filter in this set has 26 mm of clear aperture and is mounted in a black anodized aluminum cell with threading on both sides. Double threads allow the user to stack different filters together to create a custom color or affect the transmission percentage. Special coatings on each filter protect against reflections, ghosting, and scratches. A plastic case is included to keep your filters safe when not in use.