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Starlight 2" Feather Touch 10:1 Crayford Focuser with 2" DTT, Brake & Compression Ring - FTF2020BCR

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Starlight 2” Feather Touch Focuser
2” Draw Tube Travel

Everyone knows that the optics are the number one ingredient in any telescope, but the focuser is of comparative importance when it comes to the viewing or imaging experience. The focuser is the link between the telescope itself and the eyepiece or camera. If it is shaky or jumpy when the draw tube is racked in or out, or flexes when heavier eyepieces or accessories are introduced, your focuser can make observing almost impossible. A quality focuser should provide precise positioning of the eyepiece or camera to within .002 inches. Focusing should be smooth and easy, without any backlash, so that the telescope doesn’t vibrate or shake, even at higher magnifications. A decent focuser should be able to handle the weight of today’s multi-element eyepieces, as well as a DSLR or standard CCD camera.

The Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focusers are one of the highest quality focusing mechanisms available to the amateur astronomer today. While they cost more than many focusers on the market, upgrading your stock focuser with a Starlight Feather Touch will be worth it, and with care, it should last a lifetime! You will enjoy a focuser that produces virtually zero backlash and provides a smooth, effortless focusing experience. Feather Touch focusers are designed to hold those big 2" eyepieces, or CCD camera/filter wheel imaging set-ups. They are strong and beautifully machined out of quality materials that are well suited to the rigors of astronomy.

Dual Speed 10:1 Fine Focus: Starlight Instruments is the original developer of the fine focus reduction unit, an assembly that allows for very accurate, fine focus at a 10:1 ratio. Course focus is achieved with the larger of the two focus knobs, and precise focus is accomplished by turning the smaller knob.

Internal Brake System: The focuser brake controls the “drag” on the draw tube, allowing the user to gradually increase the friction between the draw tube and the pinion. Adjusting the drag helps prevent any downward motion of the focuser caused by that pesky thing called gravity. The brake in this Starlight Feather Touch focuser consists of an internal leveraged leaf spring that is tightened with a thumbscrew. This thumbscrew is also used to lock the pinion shaft. Feather Touch focusers without the internal brake option use a thumbscrew alone to help control drag, which offers less range than the the addition of a leveraged leaf spring.

Draw Tube Compression Ring System: The FTF2020BCR uses a compression ring to hold an eyepiece or accessory in the focuser as opposed to nylon tipped screws. Many astronomers prefer a compression ring system, since it operates by pressing against the eyepiece or accessory barrel along the entire diameter of the brass ring. This makes for a more secure fit.

Starlight 2” Feather Touch Focuser 2020BCR Specifications

  • Model Number: FTF2020BCR
  • Focuser Size: 2”
  • Draw Tube Travel (DTT): 2” or 50.8 mm
  • Lifting Capacity: 8-10 pounds
  • Reduction Ratio: 10:1
  • Draw Tube Drive Mechanism: Crayford
  • Compression Ring: Yes
  • Internal Brake: Yes
  • Racked In from Mounting Face: 1.405" or 35.687 mm
  • Racked Out from Mounting Face: 3.505" or 89.027 mm