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Telescope Focusers & Focusing Accessories

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Pegasus Astro Universal L-Shaped Bracket - Black Anodized Aluminum
Pegasus Astro Universal L-Shaped Bracket with Motor Couplers
Starizona Apex ED Threaded Focuser Adapter for 0.65x Reducer/Flattener

Optec M117 x 1mm Threaded Mount - 19665

SKU: OPT-19665
  • Focus Product Type: Focus Adapter
  • Connection Side A: OPTEC-2400 Dovetail
  • Connection Side B: M117 Thread
  • Outside Diameter: 4.78" (121mm)
  • Back-Focus Usage: 0.5" (12.5mm) from thread seat
iOptron 150 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope Electric Focuser
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iOptron Electric Focuser for Ritchey-Chretien Optical Tube Assemblies

iOptron Electric Focuser for Ritchey-Chretien OTA - 8451

SKU: IOP-8451
  • Focuser Design/Type: Electronic Focusers
  • Works with iOptron Photron Ritchey-Chretien as well as other RC telescopes with dual-speed focusers
  • Makes very little noise during operation
  • Compatible with most recently producted iOptron mounts
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Optec DirectSync One Motor Assembly for APO with Dual-Speed Focuser - 19776

SKU: OPT-19776
  • Optec DirectSync APO Motor Assembly for Meade, Stellarvue, William Optics
  • Works with FocusLynx dual focuser control system (sold separately)
  • Motor assembly replaces course focus knob
  • Provides approximately 1.4 micron per step resolution
  • Also works with several other refractors with dual-speed focusers
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ZWO 1.25" Helical Focuser

ZWO 1.25" Non-Rotating Helical Focuser - HF125

  • Focuser Design/Type: Helical Focusers
  • Focuser Size - Eyepiece Side: 1.25"
  • Single or Dual Speed Focuser: Single Speed Focuser

Explore Scientific 37mm Extension Tube for 2.5" Rack & Pinion Focuser - ESHEXEXT2

  • Extension tube for Explore 2.5" RP focusers
  • 37mm height
PrimaLuce Lab Sesto Senso II Robotic Focusing Motor

PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 Robotic Focusing Motor - SESTOSENSOII

  • Focus Accessory Type: Focus Motor
  • Ports: USB-C to Standard USB, ARCO Port, 12V Power Supply Port
  • Software: FOCUS Manager and ASCOM Driver
  • WiFi: Yes
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Optec Universal Mounting Bracket for FocusLynx Hub - 19691

SKU: OPT-19691
  • Metal bracket attached the Optec FocusLynx Control Hub to most any mount 

  • Made of black-anodized 6061 aluminum

  • Includes 4 4-40 flathead screws to attach to FocusLynx
Optec Hand Controller for FocusLynx

Optec FocusLynx Hand Control - 19695

SKU: OPT-19695
  • Facilitates vibration-free focus control for systems requiring at the telescope operation while using the FocusLynx Control Hub 
  • 2-line digital display provides position and temperature information
  • Exterior design consists of anodized black 6061 aluminum
  • Includes an electronic Fine Focus Knob for easy one-hand control
Optec Wi-Fi Wireless Network Add-On Board for FocusLynx and Gemini

Optec WiFi 802.11b/g Wireless Network Add-On Board for FocusLynx and Gemini Control Circuits - 19755

SKU: OPT-19755
  • Supplemental WiFi 802.11b/g networking solution enabling wireless Ethernet for your FocusLynx or Gemini control hub
  • Optec FocusLynx and Gemini systems are able to accept this WiFi option at any time
  • Eliminates the need for PC or tablet communication wires
  • Control is performed via either Optec's iOS or Android app
  • All related FocusLynx or Gemini software, including hand controller and smartphone app, are all updated at the same time
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If the view is shaky or jumpy when the draw tube is racked in or out, or flexes when heavier eyepieces or accessories are introduced, your focuser can make observing almost impossible. A quality focuser should provide precise positioning of the eyepiece or camera to within .002 inches. Focusing should be smooth and easy, without any backlash, so the telescope doesn't vibrate or shake, even at higher magnifications. A decent focuser should be able to handle the weight of today's multi-element eyepieces, as well as a DSLR or standard CCD camera.

At High Point, you’ll find affordable rack and pinion focusers and more advanced Crayford focusers. We also carry highly precise electric and motorized focusers. These are excellent because they virtually eliminate vibration by removing the need to touch the telescope. Electric and motorized focusers may also come with a controller and/or different speed settings to bring convenience and variety to your viewing experience.

Starlight Instruments produces a range of micro focusers for a number of brands, including Meade and Celestron. For example, the Starlight Instruments FeatherTouch Fine Micro-Focuser Upgrade for 11" Celestron SCT Telescopes is easily installed and allows for both standard and 1/10th speed focusing for ultra-sharp views.

If you’re one of the many satisfied owners of a ZWO Off-Axis Guider, you might want to try the ZWO 1.25" Non-Rotating Helical Focuser. This inexpensive accessory attaches to the OAG and allows you to fine-tune your focus without rotating your camera, making it an essential tool for astrophotographers.