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Celestron CGX 800 EdgeHD Computerized Telescope - 12055

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SKU: CEL-12055

Celestron CGX 800 HD
8" EdgeHD OTA on CGX Computerized EQ Mount

If you're looking for a portable imaging telescope that will produce sharp, high resolution flat-field images, check out the Celestron 8" EdgeHD aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain on the new CGX GoTo Equatorial Mount!

Celestron EdgeHD optics are known for their coma-free, pinpoint images all the way to the edge of the field, and work well with full frame sensors as well as today's amazingly wide field eyepieces. In fact, EdgeHD optics can produce images that are three times flatter than a standard Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, and even show improvement when compared to competitor's coma-free designs. Image shift is reduced with the addition of mirror support knobs so that the optics stay in place during imaging or slewing across the sky. Tube vents help the telescope acclimate to outside temperatures more quickly. Finally, your EdgeHD OTA is compatible with Fastar, a third party accessory that can convert your telescope into a super fast f/2 imaging system.

The Celestron CGX mount was reimagined from-the-ground-up by Celestron’s engineers. Always on the cutting edge of mount design, functionality and engineering, Celestron has achieved a new level of state-of-the-art with the CGX Series Equatorial Mount. The increased load capacity of 55 pounds will accommodate the 800 EdgeHD with ease, and can accept much larger optical tube assemblies if you are lucky enough to have a few OTA's lying around. For instance, a C11 OTA weighs about 27.5 pounds, which is exactly half of the CGX maximum load capacity! It won’t blink an eye when you add a camera, autoguider with rings, focal reducer, filter wheel, and other imaging accessories that help you create amazing astro-images. It's important to note that the CGX's generous weight capacity does not come at the expense of portability or rigidity. The Celestron CGX EQ Mount only weighs 44 pounds and, because of its low profile design, is very sturdy and rigid.

As mentioned above, the innovative CGX has a lower profile than mounts that have come before it. Two well-placed carry handles and ergonomic, over-built knobs make the mount easy to adjust when polar aligning, etc. A dual fit CGE/CG-5 dovetail saddle will accept most any dovetail, even those made by AstroPhysics, ADM, Losmandy, and others. The Celestron CGX has increased responsivity, with spring-loaded worm gears and belt drives that minimize backlash, improve tracking, and produce smooth movements when under load. Internal cabling as well as built-in limit switches and internal hard stops for both RA and Dec prevent cable wrap and tripod strike, and ports that do accept extra cables, such as power, your hand controller, PC, and more stay put as the telescope moves, so even your cables that are not internally routed resist wrapping, over-stretching, and pulling loose from their sockets.

The Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount tracks 20º past the meridian on either side to maximize imaging time. Technologies such as SkyPortal WiFi and StarSense AutoAlign are supported, and All Star Polar Alignment technology is built-in, for faster and easier polar alignment. New telescope control software for automation and remote operation has been designed for the Celestron CGX in conjunction with Planewave Instruments. This software features multi-point GoTo modeling, focusing and plate solving. With this innovative software, no third party advanced PC control software is needed! The intuitive NexStar + hand controller allows you to align and move the CGX with ease, and has a 40,000 object library. A built-in USB port on the bottom end of the controller has been added, which means no more RS232-to-USB adapter.

The CGX tripod has also been re-designed to fit the adjustable base of the mount. The CGX mount base can slide forward or back to keep the center of gravity over the tripod when working at different latitudes. Because of this unique design, the CGX can work at latitudes from 3º to 65º. The very sturdy tripod comes with 2” diameter steel legs that have graduated markings for quick leveling. The spreader bar/accessory tray adds extra stability to the tripod, and offers a few places to store your extra eyepieces when observing.

Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount Highlights

  • The CGX Mount has a large 55 pound weight capacity!
  • More responsive, the CGX mount has spring-loaded worm gears with belt drives to minimize backlash.
  • Easily mount a wide range of optical tube assemblies on the CGX dual-fit CG-5 (Vixen)/CGEM (Losmandy) dovetail saddle plate.
  • Internal cabling, Home and Limit switches, internal hard stops for both axes work to prevent cable wrap, tripod strike, and keep your cables safe and out of the way.
  • The CGX tracks 20-degrees past the meridian on either side, supporting you in your astro-imaging endeavors.
  • All-Star Polar Alignment technology is built-in, making polar alignment easier and faster. The CGX mount also supports StarSense AutoAlign.
  • Improved ergonomics and intuitive carry-handles
  • Sophisticated telescope control software is all new and designed in conjunction with Planewave Instruments. Features include multi-point GoTo modeling, focusing and plate solving.
  • No third party advanced PC control software is necessary.
  • Mount weighs just 44 pounds, making it very portable.
  • Included heavy-duty tripod has 2" stainless steel legs with graduated marks to make leveling easier.

Celestron 8" EdgeHD SCT Optical Tube Features:

  • 8" Aplanatic EdgeHD OTA

  • Aluminum optical tube

  • Celestron's premium StarBright XLT coatings

  • 2032 mm focal length (f/10)

  • 40 mm eyepiece included (51x)

  • Visual back allows for use with 1.25" accessories

  • 9x50 finderscope to help accurately find objects

  • 1.25" star diagonal provides more comfortable viewing position when observing objects that are high in the sky

  • Mirror Support Knobs hold the mirror in place and reduces image shift during imaging

  • Tube vents with integrated 60 micron mesh filter allowing hot air to be released from behind the primary mirror

  • FASTAR-Compatible optical tube is equipped with a removable secondary mirror for fast f/2 CCD imaging (Requires optional accessory equipment)

For more information on the Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount, take a look at our Celestron CGX Mount Review, or watch a YouTube video in which Celestron product engineer, Bryan Cogdell, proudly goes over the highlights of the CGX Mount with High Point Scientific's Robert Dugan