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Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ Newtonian Reflector Telescope - 22452

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SKU: CEL-22452

Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ Reflector
with Smartphone & StarSense Explore App Assist!

Everybody loves the idea of a computerized GoTo telescope that will find beautiful celestial objects without requiring much input or knowledge from the user. However, telescopes with motors and computerization can be expensive due to the plethora of electronics required and are financially out of reach for many people. The Celestron StarSense Explorer telescopes are different. They come on manual mounts (no motors, no electronics),and in fact can be used like any manual telescope if you decide you'd like to do a little observing without your smartphone added to the mix. The lack of expensive electronics makes the Celestron StarSense Explorer telescopes much more economical than their computerized cousins, and much lighter as well. However, unlike standard manual telescopes, the Celestron StarSense Explorer works in conjunction with its very own specialized dock and your Apple or Android smartphone loaded with the free StarSense Explorer app to become a very accurate, cutting edge "push-to" telescope, capable of aligning itself, suggesting objects from a generated Tonight's Best list, finding your chosen object, giving you visual directions to that object, telling you when it is ready to view, and then telling you about it! That's no normal manual telescope! Check out this short introductory video to get a better idea of how the Celestron StarSense Explorer telescopes work!

The StarSense Explorer LT 114 mm Reflector Telescope from Celestron is a great scope for those just getting their feet wet in the world of astronomy. By placing your StarSense Explore app-enabled smartphone in the specially designed dock, it will analyze the night sky and calculate celestial object positions in real time. The 4.5" (114 mm) optics are capable of seeing hundreds of objects, including several planets, galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.

Key Features of a StarSense Explorer Telescope

  • Amazing! This is a Newtonian Reflector on a basic manual mount that provides many of the thrills of a computerized a fraction of the cost!
  • Break-though docking station works with your smartphone to give the StarSense Explorer app a real-time view of the sky, and the patented sky recognition technology takes it from there!
  • The sky view beautifully depicted on your smartphone screen updates as you move the telescope…no cell signal required!
  • Easy-to-use StarSense Explorer app creates a Tonight’s Best list, making it fast and easy to choose and look at a large selection of objects.
  • Bright orange arrows show you the way to your chosen object! Just move the telescope as you watch the screen, and when the green bullseye appears, look in the eyepiece.
  • StarSense Explorer telescopes can be used anywhere in the world and require no power, but your smartphone does so we recommend you find a portable power supply to keep the good times rolling!

About the StarSense Explorer App

The Celestron StarSense Explorer telescope system uses your smartphone as a self-contained plate solving system. Simply put, plate solving is the same technology used by big observatory telescopes and orbiting satellites to determine the current pointing position by extracting star pattern data from images of the night sky. Celestron’s StarSense Explorer is the first app designed to use the power of plate solving to figure out a smartphone's current pointing position, and when coupled with the specially designed smartphone dock on a Celestron StarSense Explorer telescope, you have a manual telescope system that has the ability to capture an image of the night sky, process that image, extract the star pattern data and determine the center coordinates, all by itself, without requiring telescope alignment from the user.

When you launch the app for the first time you’ll follow a simple two-step process that aligns your smartphone's camera with the telescope's field of view. Once set up, the app displays a scene of the night sky and a bullseye to show you where it is currently looking. Now it is up to you to decide what you want to look at. Easiest and fastest way to do that is simply to choose from the Tonight's Best observing list, which is automatically generated to show you popular objects that are currently visible from your location. Depending on the time of year, your location and the time of night, the list might include planets like Jupiter or Saturn, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and more.

Choose an object from the list and you will see bright orange arrows pointing you to its location. Keep an eye on your smartphone’s screen and you will notice that as you move the telescope the app will update the pointing location in real time. Keep moving your telescope closer to your target until the arrows disappear and a green bullseye takes its place, letting you know that your chosen celestial object is in your telescope’s field of view! StarSense Explorer technology really is a game-changer!The StarSense Explorer dock is not just any old smartphone holder for your telescope! It has a specially designed integrated mirror that works in conjunction with your smartphone’s camera to gather star pattern data for the StarSense Explorer app. A built-in shade keeps stray light from reflecting off the mirror and messing with the data. X-Y adjustment knobs allow the dock to hold many different smartphone sizes and oftentimes the case can be left in place. The StarSense Explorer telescopes work with a wide range of smartphones, including the iPhone 6 or higher and Android 7.1.2 smartphones that were manufactured in 2016 onward and have a camera, gyro and accelerometer sensor. For a complete list of compatible smartphones, take a look in the Files section on this page and download the PDF.

You can find the app download in the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also search "Celestron StarSense Explorer" in either store and download the app from the given results. The app is large, so downloading the app with WiFi enabled and connected is suggested. Once the download is complete, open the app and enter the activation code included on the orange postcard found in the telescope's box. This activation code will unlock the app for up to five devices.

More About the Telescope Itself

The Celestron 114 mm StarSense Explorer LT couldn't be easier to use. The telescope tube is a Newtonian reflector with a big 4.5" diameter aluminized mirror. A 114 mm telescope gathers 260X more light than our eyes alone, giving you enhanced views of our celestial neighbors near (like the planets) and far (like other galaxies). The alt-azimuth mount has manual slow motion controls that allow you to move the telescope up, down, right or left with almost no effort. A full-sized metal tripod is included and comes complete with a spreader bar for stability topped off by a handy accessory storage tray. You can use the Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ telescope without the help of your smartphone if you wish. Celestron has even included a red dot finder for times when you want to see if you can find objects all by yourself!

About the Accessories Included with this Telescope

  • StarSense Smartphone Dock : This dock is made to work in conjunction with your smartphone and holds it securely in place so your hands are free to move the telescope.
  • Two Eyepieces : Celestron has included a 25mm and a 10 mm eyepiece so you can start using the telescope right out of the box. The 25 mm produces a magnification of 40X and is perfect to use first when the bullseye on your smartphone says it's time to look at your object! A 10 mm eyepiece is also included and provides 100X magnification for a closer look.
  • 2x Barlow Lens : The Celestron 2x Barlow lens is a great way to double the amount of magnification with each eyepiece used during observation. Using this Barlow with the included eyepieces means that you can now add two more magnifications right out of the box!
  • StarPointer Red Dot Finder : The included red dot finderscope is perfect for times when you are not using your smartphone with the app to find objects for you. It is simple to use.
  • Tripod Accessory Tray : With this accessory tray, you will be able to stay organized and have your accessories readily available during observations. It can hold up to 6 1.25" barreled accessories, two 2" accessories, and there is also room to place smaller items, like filters, loose in the tray.