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Dobsonian Telescopes

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Dobsonian Telescopes for Sale Online at High Point Scientific

High Point Scientific offers an unparalleled selection of telescopes for sale ranging from small Newtonians, collapsible Truss-Tube Dobsonians, modern astrographs, high-powered computerized GoTo GPS telescopes and everything in between. We carry the most popular brands such as Celestron, Baader Planetarium, Meade, Orion, and many more to give you the best selection for your budget. Each telescope or OTA (optical tube assembly) presented on our site has been personally selected by an experienced member of our team to ensure that each of our customers ends up with a high-quality product at a great price when purchasing telescopes online. In addition, we have outfitted every telescope we sell with unlimited tech support for life! No matter how you look at it, we have you covered and we want you to appreciate the hobby of amateur astronomy as much as we do!

We have a wide variety of telescopes for sale so we are confident you will find what you are looking for. Reflecting telescopes, such as Newtonians, Dobsonians, and Ritchey-Chretiens, are reliable and versatile with their use of mirrors to capture light. Refracting telescopes, on the other hand, use lenses and come in popular styles such as achromatic and apochromatic. Catadioptric telescopes take the best of both worlds by combining lenses and mirrors into one, cohesive optical tube assembly. Our most popular catadioptric OTAs are Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes. Don’t forget about our wide selection of astrographs perfect for budding astrophotographers and computerized telescopes to help you find celestial objects with ease.

There are several characteristics you will want to pay attention to when purchasing a telescope. The focal length is integral to determining how far you will be able to see out of your telescope. It also helps determine your telescope’s focal ratio and field of view. Aperture is important to look at also because it determines how much light your OTA will capture.All these factors together make each telescope unique, each providing a different viewing experience. Looking at telescope spec can be daunting, that is why we at High Point are here to help you make the best selection based on your aspirations and budget. Need help getting started? Check out our telescope bundles including vital accessories such as eyepieces, tripods, barlows, filters, cleaning tools, and much more.

Best Dobsonian Telescopes

Why We Love Dobsonian Telescopes

These Telescopes Have Been Around Forever!

The Dobsonian Telescope design has become iconic in amateur astronomy over the last half of a century. John Dobson, an avid amateur astronomer from the 1970s, wanted people to have the ability to build their own telescopes out of inexpensive materials. He designed the simple yet functional mount for Newtonian telescopes that would later become known as the rocker box. From there, he would teach hundreds of amateur astronomers how to grind their own mirrors and assemble their own Dobsonian Telescopes.

Simplistic Design That Lets You Focus On Observing

A Dobsonian Telescope is a Newtonian Reflector telescope that sits on a unique rocker box as the base. With a rocker box, the telescope can be manually moved up, down or to either side on a lazy-susan style base. This kind of base is a lot simpler and easier to use than equatorial mounts, which can often be large and heavy. Thus, the Dobsonian Telescope is a Newtonian Telescope on a simple, easy to use alt-azimuth base.

Big Aperture for Little Money

Anyone who grew up in the late 20th century will tell you their first telescope was a Dobsonian. Many amateur astronomers would design their own Dobsonians and continue to make their own to this day. This is because the materials needed are affordable and easy to find in any hardware store. For us less crafty astronomers, this means Dobsonian's are also very affordable to purchase from astronomy manufacturers such as Zhumell, SkyWatcher, Orion, and Meade. Thus, you can experience the large aperture of a Newtonian for a fraction of what you would pay for an equatorial-mounted scope.

Dobsonian Telescope Types

Traditional Dobsonian Telescopes

Traditional Dobsonians come in two variations: solid or truss-tube. The solid tube often requires less setup than its truss-tube counterpart, but it is less portable. You will need plenty of trunk space to take a solid tube Dobsonian on the road. Truss-tube Dobsonian telescopes feature an open-tube design that can be broken down for easy travel. The setup and breakdown can take some getting used to and the truss-tube Dobs can be more costly than solid tubes.

Tabletop Dobsonian Telescopes

Tabletop Dobsonians are a great way to introduce someone to astronomy. They are affordable and compact, often with little setup required. This means that you can take a tabletop Dobsonian when you are camping, having a picnic in the park, or simply impromptu stargazing in the backyard. The portability of these scopes is what really makes them stand out. Zhumell, Meade, Celestron, and Orion Dobsonian Telescopes are favorites among Dobsonian enthusiasts.

Push-To Dobsonian Telescopes

Push-To Dobsonian Telescopes feature a built-in computer. After completing alignment, these computerized telescopes can tell you where the scope is pointing, a celestial object’s location, and how to point the scope to the desired celestial object. However, Push-To Dobsonian telescopes do not include motors or gears, so all of the pointing is up to you. Like traditional Dobs, Push-To Dobsonian Telescopes come in solid and truss-tube designs.

GoTo Dobsonian Telescopes

Similar to their Push-To counterpart, GoTo Dobsonians use a built-in computer to tell you where your scope is pointing and to assist in finding your desired celestial object. However, GoTo Dobsonian telescopes will not only give you this information, but it will also move the telescope to an object’s location using motors and gears. This saves you the time and energy it would take to move the Dobsonian manually. GoTo Dobsonian Telescopes also come in solid and truss-tube designs.

Best Dobsonian Telescopes As Rated By Our Team

Apertura AD8

The Apertura AD8 is an 8 Inch Dobsonian Telescope that is packed with everything you need to get the most out of a Dobsonian telescope, including 2 eyepieces, 8x50 correct-image finder, laser collimator, and cooling fan. This Apertura Telescope even includes an exceptional 2” dual speed focuser that you would otherwise have to pay top-dollar to get.

Zhumell Portable 114 Tabletop

The Zhumell Portable 114 Tabletop features a portable yet sturdy Dobsonian Mount that allows smooth movements with no assembly required. This Dob is reasonably priced, making it a great introductory scope for the whole family or as a gift to the budding astronomer.

Apertura AD10

Like the Apertura AD8, the AD10 Dobsonian Telescope offers an array of accessories to get you started exploring the night sky, including 8x50 correct-image finder, cooling fan, 2 eyepieces, laser collimator, and a premium 2” dual speed focuser. This Dobsonian has a larger aperture than the AD8, however, offering a sharper, brighter view.

Sky-Watcher 12" GoTo

The SkyWatcher 12” Dobsonian Telescope is built to impress with an improved collapsible design over standard cross-bar truss tubes, reliable SynScan hand controller and a tension adjustment handle for performance optimization. Add on a wide 12” aperture and high-quality optics and you have a Dobsonian Telescope ready for everything from viewing the moon to deep-space imaging.

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