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Celestron FirstScope Moon Signature Series 76mm Dobsonian Telescope - 22016

SKU: CEL-22016

76mm Celestron Signature Series FirstScope Moon Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

The Celestron Signature Series FirstScope Moon Telescope is the perfect keepsake for anyone with an interest in astronomy. This beautiful Dobsonian reflector telescope is housed in a compact 76 mm aperture optical tube assembly. The Signature Series Moon FirstScope is an entry-level astronomical telescope, ideal for anyone interested in exploring the night sky. The 76mm Celestron FirstScope is very easy to observe with, the user simply navigates the night sky by moving the tube in the direction of their desired object, making the viewing experience a snap. Your friends and family will appreciate how easy the Signature Series Moon FirstScope is to use and will adore the stunning celestial views!

The optical tube has a custom wrap featuring a photograph of the Moon taken by world-renowned astrophotographer Robert Reeves. The image shows the Moon's many serene surface features such as Tycho, Plato, and Copernicus. You can even observe these features yourself with the FirstScope Moon Dobsonian! This telescope will reveal the Moon's mountains, craters, and maria in sharp detail. Venture further into the universe and view Saturn's rings or even deep sky objects like the Orion Nebulae.

The compact design makes it easy enough to take with you on your next outdoor adventure. At just over 4lbs, you can bring the lightweight Moon FirstScope with you when camping, hiking, or simply enjoying the cool night air in your backyard. FirstScope is also stylish enough to be a decorative fixture on your bookshelf or desk. Its chic and eye-catching design makes FirstScope Moon a wonderful keepsake for anyone interested in astronomy.

The Celestron Signature FirstScope comes equipped with many quality accessories. The 1.25" rack and pinion focuser allows you to fine tune the focus of your scope, resulting in crisp, sharp images. Two eyepieces give you versatility for magnification. Use the 1.25" 20mm eyepiece for expansive, wide-field views of large planets or deep-sky objects. You can also use the 1.25" 4mm for high-power, magnified images of lunar surface features or elusive star clusters.

76mm Celestron Signature Moon FirstScope Dobsonian Telescope Features:

  • Optical design: Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

  • Aperture: 76 mm

  • Focal Length: 300 mm

  • Focal Ratio: f/3.95

  • Eyepiece 1: 20 mm (15X)

  • Eyepiece 2: 4 mm (75X)

  • Weight: 69 oz (4.3 lbs)