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Takahashi Epsilon-130D Astrograph OTA - TEK13010

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Takahashi Epsilon-130D Astrograph

  • Takahashi Epsilon-130D is a f/3.3 Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph Telescope
  • Takahashi Epsilon-130D has a super fast focal ratio of f/3.3
  • Full 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Ships Direct From Takahashi America In Texas

Important: Takahashi America requires the shipment of all Takahashi Telescopes to be done via 2-Day Air or Faster for the Takahashi 5 Year Warranty to be valid. Select UPS 2 Day Air or faster when ordering this telescope. If something other than 2-Day Air shipping is selected our customer service team will contact you to make the change.

Takahashi's Epsilon series of astrographs are known for their exceptional design catered to astrophotography. The Takahashi Epsilon-130D OTA's optical design features a hyperbolic, concave pirmary mirror. This mirror has a 2 element ED corrector lens to aid in eliminating spherical aberration and coma. The chromatic aberration is reduced by half, even with large viewing angles, when you compare the Epsilon 130-D's optical design to that of a conventional Schmidt design.

The new ε-130D has the same aperture as the original but now includes a digital corrector. Using this corrector, the astrograph has improved sharpness and a 1/3 reduction in the size of the spot. This equalizes the spot size of the E-180 at the edge, producing a 44mm diameter circle.The offset secondary mirror provides better illumination of the image formed by the primary mirror.

The Epsilon-130D has a 5.9° field of view. This makes the astrograph perfect for imaging wide field objects like comets and objects with extended nebulosity. The focal ratio of f/3.3 and the focal length of 430mm allows the ε-130D to shorten exposure times, increase color saturation, and produce wide field images that are of the upmost performance.

  • Aperture: 130mm
  • Focal Length: 430mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/3.3
  • Image Circle Diameter: 44mm
  • Optical Type: Modified Hyperbolic Newtonian
  • Tube Diameter: 166mm
  • Tube Length (with lens hood retracted): 460mm
  • Tube Weight: 4.9kg
  • Metal Back Distance: 56.2mm