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Meade 130 mm ED APO Refractor Telescope on LX850 Equatorial Mount with Starlock - 0130-85-01

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SKU: MEA-0130-85-01

Meade 130 mm LX850 ED APO Telescope with Starlock

  • This Meade 130 mm ED APO LX850 refractor produces beautifully crisp images with superb contrast and color correction

  • Accuracy to 1 arcsecond provided by the ultra-high precision LX850 German Equatorial Mount

  • Equipped with revolutionary Starlock technology to enable fully automated guiding

  • Ensuring extremely accurate guiding, Starlock automatically programs periodic error correction and corrects for any other errors down to virtually zero

  • Features computer-assisted polar alignment and a 90 lb. weight capacity

  • Focuses automatically using an 80 mm refractor attached to the mount's saddle plate

Meade 130 mm ED APO Refractor Telescope

Meade Series 6000 Apochromatic Refractors are among the highest quality refractors available. Individually constructed and tested to make sure they meet Meade's standards for optics as well as mechanics. Built with regards to both the observer and the imager, this 130 mm APO refractor features a three element optical design that uses the highest grade extra-low dispersion (ED) optical class. This virtually eliminates false color for remarkable color correction, contrast, and sharpness.

Series 6000 Triplet APO refractors now come with Meade's proprietary 2.5" dual-speed rack and pinion focuser. This focuser includes a 10:1 fine focus knob to enable precise focusing. Millimeter markings on the drawtube help with focusing accuracy, while rotation capability allows effortless framing of your target object. Now with 2" self-center locking ring for consistently improved centering to the optical train for diagonals and cameras each time the locking ring is in place.

Meeting the standards of even the most knowledgeable astronomer, this 130 mm Series 6000 APO Refractor offers sharp wide-field observing and imaging. Nothing beats a genuine three-element apochromatic refractor. Measuring approximately 37" in length by 7" in diameter, the optical tube weighs 25 lbs.

A fully extendable dew shield, mounting rings, Vixen-style dovetail, and hard aluminum carrying case for protecting your instrument between uses are all included as standard equipment.

Meade LX850 German Equatorial Mount with Starlock

Setting a new standard in astrophotographic and visual performance, Meade proudly introduces the LX850. Comes with Starlock dual imager integrated full time autoguider, Ultra Precision Pointing and Assisted Drift Alignment, 5.8" 225-tooth polished bronze worm/gear drives with low periodic error, internal cable routing, GPS receiver, AutoStar II GOTO system with an object library of more than 144,000, universal AC adapter, Meade Zero Image Shift Electronic Micro-Focuser, telescope to computer USB cable, and AutoStar Suite software. Mount weighs 55 lbs. Includes a heavy-duty Giant Field Tripod with 3" diameter stainless steel legs with fully adjustable height from 29" to 45". This tripod weighs 36 lbs and provides dependable performance.

At the core of the LX850 is Meade's Starlock Technology. This revolutionary new technology completely automates target acquisition on your imaging sensor and accurate guiding during exposures. Featuring Meade's exclusive LightSwitch technology, Starlock utilizes an 80 mm f/5 refractor optical tube with dual camera sensor system for computer assisted polar alignment using the drift method. Starlock will begin guiding the mount in real time once aligned, and will even automatically program periodic error corrections for guiding precision up to 1 arc-second in favorable seeing as well as the capability of guiding on stars as faint as 11th magnitude.

Constructed of machined stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, the LX850 is capable of accepting payloads of up to 90 lbs. for rock solid support for the most demanding applications with a pointing accuracy as good as 1 arc-minute. Durability is enhanced via precision roller bearings on both axes, a 1.75 stainless steel RA shaft, 5.8" main gears, fine manual adjustment controls on both axes, and illuminated reticle output port. Mount weighs 55 lbs. This package also includes one 26 lb. stainless steel counterweight. Additional counterweights are sold separately.

Meade LX850 Equatorial Mount & Giant Field Tripod Specifications

  • Mount Type: Equatorial
  • Mount Electronics: Computerized with GoTo
  • Payload Capacity: 90 lbs.
  • Hand Controller: AutoStar II
  • Objects in Database: 145,000
  • Pointing Precision (High Precision Mode): +/- 1 arc-minute
  • Periodic Error Correction: Both Axes
  • Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC): Yes
  • Software: Meade Starlock
  • Typical Guiding Performance with Starlock: <1 arc-second
  • Built-In Camera or Autoguider: Yes
  • Slow Motion Controls: Electronic
  • Slew Speeds: RA and Dec: 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x sidereal and 0.25°/sec, 0.5°/sec, 1°/sec, and 3°/sec (max)
  • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates
  • Control Panel: 12v DC in, 12v DC out, Power, Focuser, Reticle, Handbox port, 1 computer connection port (RS232), 1 StarLock port, 1 Aux guide port
  • Mounting Style: Losmandy-style dovetail plate
  • Counterweights: 1 @ 26 lbs.
  • Tripod: LX850 Heavy-Duty Giant Field Tripod
  • Tripod Leg Material: Metal
  • Power Source: 12v DC, 5 amp Meade universal power supply
  • GPS Receiver: Yes
  • Time Chip: Yes
  • Smart Mount: Yes
  • Smart Drive: Yes
  • Anti-Vibration Pads: Included
  • Mount Weight: 55 lbs.

Some images depict the Meade LX800 mount. This is similar to the LX850 mount.