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Takahashi FS-60CB Fluorite Doublet APO Refractor OTA - TSK06010

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Takahashi FS-60CB Fluorite Doublet Refractor OTA

This beautiful and supremely portable 60mm f/5.9 refractor is a joy to use! Weighing in at just about 3 pounds, the Tak FS-60CB can go anywhere dark skies take you, and because it is so lightweight, the FS-60SB doesn't need a heavy mount underneath it, either. Day or night, alt-az or equatorial, the Takahashi FS-60 will provide you with absolutely spectacular views, and the reason why is the legendary fluorite optics created by one of the best telescope manufacturers in the business!

At the heart of the Takahashi FS-60CB is a two element fluorite lens that is multi-coated for maximum light transmission and durability. This air-spaced doublet is hard-coated in a vacuum chamber, the result of which is amazing high contrast images that will please you for years to come. In fact, the Takahashi FS-60CB also sports internal knife-edge baffles to further increase contrast by taming any stray light that may enter the system.

Takahashi Japan is not only famous for their optical quality, the mechanical specs provide a level of overall quality that can't be beat. The 2.4" rack and pinion focuser comes with knobs that are easy to find and rotate in the dark, even with gloves on. From that jumping off point, you can add a wide range of adapters, flatteners, reducers, and other accessories to outfit your Tak for visual use or photography. This telescope comes with several adapters to get you started, and you can figure out what other items you need by taking a look at the attached system charts in our Files tab.

Takahashi FS-60CB Specifications

  • Model: FS-60CB
  • Current Part Number: TSK06010
  • Old Part Number: TFK6004
  • Optical Type: Fluorite Doublet APO
  • Aperture: 60mm
  • Resolution: 1.93"
  • Limiting Magnitude: 10.7
  • Light Gathering Power: 73X
  • Focal Length: 355mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/5.9
  • Tube Diameter: 80mm
  • Tube Length (Retracted Dew Shield): 440mm
  • Tube Weight: 1.5 kg (3 pounds)
  • Metal Back Distance: 162.0mm

Specifications with Optional Reducers, Flatteners or Extenders

  • Flattener: Takahashi FC/FS Multi Flattener 1.04X
  • Product Number: TKA00582
  • Effective Focal Length: 370mm
  • Effective Focal Ratio: f/6.2
  • Resulting Image Circle: 44mm
  • Metal Back Distance: 87.5mm
  • Reducer: Takahashi Reducer-C 0.72X
  • Product Number: TKA20580B
  • Effective Focal Length: 255mm
  • Effective Focal Ratio: f/4.2
  • Resulting Image Circle: 40mm
  • Metal Back Distance: 56.0mm
  • Extender: Takahashi C2X Extender
  • Product Number: TKA00594
  • Effective Focal Length: 710mm
  • Effective Focal Ratio: f/11.8
  • Metal Back Distance: 73.0mm
  • Extender: Takahashi Extender Q 1.6X
  • Product Number: TKA00595
  • Effective Focal Length: 568mm
  • Effective Focal Ratio: f/9.4
  • Resulting Image Circle: 44mm
  • Metal Back Distance: 157.0mm
  • Extender: Takahashi Extender CQ 1.7X
  • Product Number: TKA20595
  • Effective Focal Length: 600mm
  • Effective Focal Ratio: f/10
  • Metal Back Distance: 158.4mm