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Tele Vue TV-60 Refractor Telescope - TVO-2460

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Between November 11 and December 30, you'll get a free Nagler Type 6 or DeLite Eyepiece direct from Tele Vue when you buy this Tele Vue refractor telescope AND it's matching Tele Vue Accessory Kit from High Point! To take advantage of this offer, Tele Vue will require proof of purchase and other documents and there may be other rules, so please read the attached document about the sale carefully and then download the required forms...both are located in the Files tab below. Thanks!

Tele Vue TV-60 APO Refractor Optical Tube Assembly

This Tele Vue TV-60 Optical Tube Assembly is a high performance 2.4" APO doublet telescope with a 360 mm focal length and an f/6 focal ratio. It is 10" long and includes a 2-stage 1.25" focuser, with both a quick-focus drawtube and a fine-focusing helical type adjuster.

Tele Vue TV-60 Optical Tube Assembly Specifications:

  • Tele Vue 60 Clear Aperture: 60 mm (2.4")
  • Objective Type: 2 Elements
  • Focal Length: 360 mm (f/6)
  • Length: 10"

  • Outside Diameter: 90.5mm
  • Maximum field: 4.3°
  • Dovetail Mounting Bar included

This exquisitely machined and anodized APO refractor telescope sports all-metal construction and a sliding captive dew shield. The 1.25" focuser will accept a wide variety of prisms and diagonals, including erect-image types for daytime observations. With a maximum true field of 4.3°, the TV-60 is perfect for both daytime and nighttime viewing.

The included balance bar has multiple 1/4-20 screw holes at the bottom that allows you to attach it to camera mounts, TeleVue mounts, and dovetails. The TV-60 can wear many hats including those of a super-finder, a day/night scope, or a superb telephoto lens once a camera is added to the back with optional imaging accessories. The Tele Vue TV60 comes with a black carry bag. An optional padded carry case is also available.