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Zhumell 60 mm AZ Refractor Telescope - ZHUN001-1


Zhumell 60AZ Refractor Telescope

Zhumell's compact 60mm Refractor provides the light gathering ability necessary to observe lunar craters, Jupiter, Saturn, the Orion nebula, and more. And, when comets pass in the night sky, or when certain celestial events take place such as the "Blood Moon," the Zhumell 60AZ Refractor Telescope will be ready to go.

Getting your Zhumell 60AZ Refractor set up could not be simpler. Assembly only takes a few minutes, and a detailed user manual helps you navigate the fundamentals of observing the night sky.

Includes All Necessary Accessories

In order to keep costs down, many entry-level telescopes cut back significantly on important accessories. This is not the case with the Zhumell 60AZ. With this refractor, you'll receive all the essentials, plus a few extras. In addition to the 60mm refractor optical tube, this package contains a full-height aluminum tripod with accessory tray, 25 mm and 10 mm Kellner eyepieces (the former for low power and the latter for high power), and a 2x Barlow lens to give each eyepiece twice the power for even greater magnification!

This Zhumell 60AZ Refractor package also comes with a red dot finderscope, a rare upgrade given the price. This user-friendly device makes centering a targeted object easy by projecting a red LED dot onto its glass window. Simply look through this window and place the dot over the object you want to view and it will be centered in the eyepiece. For those just getting started exploring the night sky, this will prove to be an invaluable tool.

The complete Zhumell 60AZ refractor telescope kit is lightweight and easy to carry despite all its included accessories. Pack this compact scope up and take it with you to remote dark sky sites or on family camping trips.