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Zhumell Z130 Portable Altazimuth Reflector Telescope - ZHUS003-1


Zhumell Z130 Portable Alt-Az Reflector

The field of amateur astronomy has been rocked by Zhumell's new cutting-edge Z Series Dobsonian telescopes. With the Z130, Zhumell has combined their superior quality and value with the portability of a tabletop Dobsonian. The Zhumell Z130 is optimally suited for both brand new stargazers and for those who want to add a grab-and-go telescope to their collection.

Parabolic Mirror Provides Stunning Views

For most telescopes of this size, a sophisticated feature such as the 130 mm parabolic primary mirror incorporated into the Zhumell Z130 Reflector is quite uncommon. This parabolic mirror enables significantly sharper views by removing visual imperfections such as spherical aberration. All optical surfaces, including the primary mirror, contain Zhumell's highly reflective coatings. You'll be able to depend on greater than 90% light transmission for brighter views of nebulae and other faint objects.

This Zhumell Z130 Portable Dobsonian Reflector package comes with a red dot finderscope and two fully multi-coated eyepieces, a 25 mm eyepiece for wide field views with 26x magnification, and a 10 mm eyepiece with 65x magnification for closer views.

Industry-leading optical components allow the Zhumell Z130 to easily surpass the competition from similar-sized tabletop telescopes. The difference will be readily apparent to the user. With the Z130, Zhumell has concentrated your money in the optical system where it belongs.

Take This Dobsonian Anywhere

Mechanically, the Zhumell Z130 contains a modest, streamlined design. With sturdy, long-lasting construction, this tabletop Dobsonian will still hold up even after years of severe usage and transport. The Z130 is also compact and lightweight for convenient storage when traveling to remote star parties, camping excursions, and more.

Following arrival at your observing site, the Zhumell Z130 can be put together in a matter of seconds. Once set-up is complete, use the scope's lazy susan-style mount to swing it toward the object you wish to observe. Use the included Red Dot Finder to center your target and you're ready to view it through the eyepiece. Small adjustments can then be made for smooth and even tracking as your object drifts across the night sky.

Delivering the night sky on your terms, experienced amateur astronomers as well as those who are complete novices will enjoy stargazing with the Zhumell Z130. Providing excellent portability, the Z130 is always ready to offer impressively detailed images of the night sky whether the result of impromptu backyard viewing or marathon stargazing sessions.