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Zhumell Z50 Refractor Telescope - ZHUN003-1


Zhumell Z50 Refractor Telescope - ZHUN003-1

Star parties are amazing opportunities for amateur astronomers to gather and bond over the celestial beauty in the night sky. While these gatherings are a great way to show off your newly bought telescopes, mounts, or imaging cameras, sometimes the portability of your telescope can make it hard to attend. Well, the Zhumell Z50 Portable Refractor Telescope is the smallest in its family and works great as a star party companion. But it is not limited to star parties, it can travel with you no matter where you go: camping trips, hikes, and backyard parties. With the included nylon carry bag, it is ready to aid you in your clear sky viewing sessions no matter where the world may take you.

The manual alt-azimuth mount allows you to show off your knowledge of the night sky by intuitively finding objects in the night sky and using the simple handle to easily navigate with an up and down/side-to-side action. Because it is a refracting telescope, it shows images right-side-up, instead of flipping the image. This makes it great for viewing terrestrial objects during the daytime. Ever wanted to use a telescope to view wildlife or nature? This telescope has got you covered. No tools are needed for setup; simply extend the tripod legs, slip the optical tube on, and you are ready for viewing!

How could it get better? Well, since you asked: This kit comes with a basic smartphone adapter that helps you take instant images/or videos of objects visible in the eyepiece. That's a pretty handy feature if you ask me!

Zhumell Z50 Refractor Telescope Accessories and Specs

  • Eyepeice / Magnification: H20mm (1.25") & H8 eyepieces (18x & 45x)
  • Diagonal: Erect Image Diagonal, 45° (Hybrid 0.96" to 1.25")
  • Finderscope: 2x20 Finderscope
  • Barlow Lens: 3x, 1.25"
  • Carry Bag: Nylon Duffle Carrying Bag
  • Resolution: Raylegh: 2.79 arc seconds / Dawes Limit: 2.32 arc seconds
  • Tripod: Aluminum, 49" max height