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Tele Vue Eyepiece Adapter for Dioptrx and FoneMate - 24mm, 19mm Panoptic, 20mm T5 Nagler - DEA-0001

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Tele Vue Dioptrx and FoneMate Adapter
for 24mm and 19mm Panoptic, 20mm Type 5 Nagler

This Tele Vue Dioptrx Adapter converts the 24 mm and 19 mm Panoptic and the 20 mm Nagler Type 5 eyepiece to a larger eyeguard size, allowing Dioptrx-series astigmatism correctors or the Tele Vue FoneMate to be installed (both of which are sold separately). Note that these eyepieces have shorter eye relief than others recommended for Dioptrx, so to minimize any vignetting, it's best to use these for deep-sky applications where your eye pupil is large. The Dioptrx astigmatism correcting lens allows those with astigmatic vision to enjoy the sharpest viewing experience they've ever had, without wearing their glasses, and the FoneMate lets you attach a Smartphone to these eyepieces for a-focal imaging.