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Celestron NexStar + Hand Control with USB For Celestron AZ Mounts - 93981 - Used

SKU: UEQ-11798-CEL-93981
  • This Celestron NexStar+ Hand Controller with USB is the same controller that comes standard with all current Celestron alt-azimuth computerized telescope models.
  • Celestron's highly regarded NexStar controller has been updated to include software upgrade capability as well as the ability to control your telescope via third party software using a mini-USB port.
  • Incorporates a massive database consisting of more than 40,000 celestial objects that your telescope can automatically slew to with the push of a button.
  • View the most popular targets for your exact location and time with the Tour Mode feature.
  • Contains a dual-line LCD screen with 16 characters and backlighting that can be modified to suit your eyes.
  • The Celestron NexStar+ Controller makes setup easy with features such as SkyAlign, customizable max slew speed, programmable slew limits, and more.