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ZWO Anti-Dew Strip for Cooled ASI Cameras - DEW


ZWO Anti-Dew Heater Kit for ASI Cooled Cameras

If you would like to add some extra dew protection for the sensor of your ZWO ASI cooled camera, this Anti-Dew Heater Kit will do the trick. As you can see from the photo, the ZWO dew strip has an adhesive backing. To install the dew heater, remove this adhesive and carefully place the heater around the sensor window, and take care that the cable ends up laying near the DC plug (see extra pictures). The ZWO Anti-Dew Heater Kit comes with a tie-down that will keep the cord in the proper position, and the split "Y" power cable is designed to connect in-line with the cooler power supply for convenience. Two spacers (0.3mm and 0.5mm thick) are also included that will help align the camera with the EFW should that be necessary.

The Dew Heater Strip itself is 0.2mm - 0.3mm thick and works to keep the AR window above the dew point when imaging on damp nights. The dew heater uses approximately 4.2 watts. ZWO recommends you use a 12V at 0.35A DC adapter to power the heater along with the cooling fan, but of course, you should make sure you don't go over the recommended amperage.