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ZWO ASIAIR Wifi Camera Controller for ASI Cameras - ASIAIR - Used - SOLD

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  • This ZWO ASIair Wifi Controller for ASI Cameras is Used and in Excellent Condition. Upon inspection, we found that the ASIair is fully functional. The unit has been repaired by ZWO, and everything looks excellent.
  • Image shows new product.
  • Comes with High Point 90-Day Warranty

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ZWO ASIair Wifi Controller for ASI Cameras

This ASIair WiFi camera controller is an amazing device for ZWO ASI Camera owners! This revolutionary WiFi ZWO camera control is a smart dual-band WiFi device so that you can choose the best bandwidth (5G or 2.4G) for your location. The ASIair WiFi camera controller works with most ZWO ASI cameras, including all ASI 3.0 cameras, all ASI cooled cameras, and all ASI mini cameras and will provide the user with an amazing array of features to make imaging fun and easy. While the ASIair works great with the ASI120MM/MC Mini, it does not work with the original non-mini versions of these cameras. Here are just a few of the tasks this WiFi ZWO camera control device will do for you:

Please Note : You will need 5Ghz WiFi for initial setup. It is after the initial setup that 2.4G is available. You cannot set up the ASIair with devices limited to 2.4G.

ASIair Wifi Camera Controller Features

    • Standalone Guiding: The ASIair WiFi camera controller offers stand alone guiding, which is perfect for the DSLR user.

  • Standalone Imaging: Leave your laptop at home! With your camera mounted on a GoTo equatorial mount, an ASIair and WiFi connection, and the ASIair App loaded on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet you can preview images in close to real time to check focus and framing, take the shot, make adjustments to the resulting images with auto white balance, debayering, and histogram stretching, and store them on the included 32GB SD card!

  • Plate Solving: Plate solving can be done offline in just a few seconds.

  • SkySafari Bridge: Control your camera as well as your SkySafari compatible mount through this WiFi ZWO camera control device when you have SkySafari installed. Now you can do it all through your smartphone or tablet with the ASIair!

  • SD Card & Reader: A 32GB SD Card is included . The operating system of this WiFi ZWO camera control device runs on this card and takes up approximately 7GB, so that leaves approximately 25GB of space to store your images until you can off-load them to your laptop or desktop computer and process them. Because the SD card has the OS for the ASIAIR on it, you will want to back it up before you start storing images just to be on the safe side. Please note that the ASIair WiFi camera controller is compatible with SD memory cards no larger than 32GB. Larger SD cards will not be recognized.

Supported Smartphones, Cameras & Mounts

Smartphones & Tablets: For Apple, iOS version 9.0 and up is supported. You will need an iPhone 6, 7, 8, or X or an iPad or iPad Pro. All Android phones are supported as are tablets with Android OS 5.0 or later.

Cameras: All ZWO ASI USB 3.0 cameras are supported as well as all cooled ASI cameras and ASI Mini 's. The 120MM or 120MC (non-Mini version) is notsupported.

Mounts: Most any computerized GoTo equatorial mount will work with the ASIair. If you plan to use SkySafari to control your mount with this WiFi ZWO camera control device, then you will need to make sure your mount is compatible with the SkySafari.

Included with the ASIair WiFi Camera Controller:

    • ASIair Body with 4 USB 2.0 Ports, an SD Card Slot and a 5V DC Port

  • 5V Power Cable*

  • USB-RS232 Cable

  • 12V-5V DC Converter*

  • 2 Hook & Loop Tapes

  • SD Card Reader

  • 32GB SD Card

  • ASIair Quick Guide

* With the DC Converter and power cable you can connect the ASIAIR to a DC Power Supply, such as a Celestron PowerTank.