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Apertura 2" Focal Reducer with 0.75X Reduction for Ritchey-Chretiens - A-RCR

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Apertura 0.75X 2" Focal Reducer
For RC Telescopes

If you would like to be able to reduce exposure times and increase the apparent field on your Ritchey-Chretien telescope then the Apertura 0.75X Focal Reducer is the accessory you need! Ritchey-Chretien OTAs with a focal ratio of f/8 will be reduced to f/6, and for those OTAs with an f/9 focal ratio will shorten to f/6.75.

This reducer is designed to have a 2" slip-fit and a practical spacing distance of 70mm - 80mm, measured from the sensor to the reducer thread. With this spacing distance, users should have enough space to add an Off-Axis Guider, filter wheel, or other accessories. The Apertura RC Reducer has an image circle of 15mm. This means it works best in conjunction with CCD or CMOS sensors that have a diagonal measurement of 15mm or less.

The 2-element optical design with fully multi-coated optics means this Apertura focal reducer has a high-performance level. It is built to last, and the black-anodized assembly will slip into a 2" focuser or adapter and accept 2" barreled accessories via its non-marring compression ring opening.

Please Note : This is a focal reducer only; not a reducer/flattener.

This Product Comes with the Apertura Absolute Warranty!

  • Two-Year Warranty against product defects.
  • Three-Year Accident Replacement Program that begins after your initial 2 year warranty expires.
  • Your Apertura Absolute Warranty is transferable.

Download a copy of the Apertura Absolute Warranty for more information on this program, how to make a claim, and why it is important to keep your original receipt and the product's original boxes & packaging!