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With traditional telescopes, you view a magnified live image of a distant object through an eyepiece. If more or less magnification is desired you simply need to change eyepieces and refocus the telescope. With Stellina, there are no eyepieces involved. Instead, your smartphone or tablet, loaded with Stellina's free app, is your viewing screen. Simply choose an object you'd like to experience such as the beautiful Orion Nebula or the Hercules cluster. Once the correct button is pressed, Stellina shows that area of the sky on your screen and within seconds you'll begin to see the wispy structure of M42, or a brilliant ball of stars that is M13, form on your device.

With Stellina you can view the night sky with up to ten mobile devices all connected in unison! Picture a beautifully clear moonless night, with Stellina outside imaging a spiral galaxy while your whole family, each with their own devices, experiences the amazing view. Since Stellina uses a high-quality and extremely sensitive imaging sensor, it can show you deep-sky objects that would not be readily visible with traditional visual techniques from a city or suburb. Of course, when taking Stellina out to a dark sky site, your results will be even better, but a truly dark sky isn't necessary to be wowed by this exciting telescope!