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Telescope Finder Scopes & Illuminators


The Best Finderscopes for Your Telescope

A finderscope is an essential tool when searching for a particular object in the night sky. By attaching one to your telescope and aligning it along the same line of sight, you can then easily slew and aim your scope at your desired target. Some finders can even be used as a handy portable telescope in a pinch!

Finders come in several different varieties, producing either an upside down and reversed image, mirror image, or correct image. They could also have crosshairs, a bulls-eye or a red dot to help you precisely center your target in the field of view. Which type you choose is largely a matter of personal preference.

Perhaps the most popular finder with amateur astronomers is the Telrad Reflex Sight Finder. Easily attached to almost any scope, the finder provides a non-magnified view of the sky overlaid with concentric circles of 0.5 degree, 2 degrees and 4 degrees. This bulls-eye makes it a cinch to accurately aim your scope and ensure your target appears within your eyepiece field of view.

Looking for something with a little more kick? Try the Apertura 10 x 50 Right Angle Finder Scope with Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece. Not only does it have a magnification of 10x and an aperture of 50mm, but it also features a five degree field of view and a removable 24mm eyepiece with crosshairs that can be illuminated.

Not sure where to start? Check out the Types of Finder Scopes for Astronomy. Alternatively, our team is always ready to help you find the best finder for your needs. Simply call (800) 266 9590 toll-free to speak to a non-commissioned expert.


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