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High Point Scientific is excited to announce the return of the legendary Apertura Dobsonian! Apertura Dobsonian Telescopes are one of the most highly reviewed Dobsonian Telescopes to date. Why, you ask? The reason is simple, Apertura offers a ton of Aperture for the money spent! What's more, you receive over $300 worth of accessory upgrades with each Apertura Dobsonian; no one else is doing that! Each Apertura Dob comes with a:


Full Sized Right Angle 9x50 Finder Scope


2" Dual Speed 10:1 Micro Focuser


Laser Collimator


Premium 30mm 2" Super Wide Angle Eyepiece


35mm Extension Tube


1.25" Moon Filter


Primary Mirror Cooling Fan


1.25" Focuser Adapter


That's a lot of Free Upgrades! At High Point, we love recommending the Apertura Dobsonians! Have questions? Contact us at We look forward to helping determine if the Apertura Dobsonian is right for you!

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  • Apertura AD8 8
    Apertura Apertura 8" Dobsonian Telescope with Accessories - AD8
    $499.95 $449.95
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  • Apertura AD10 - 10
    Apertura Apertura 10" Dobsonian Telescope with Accessories - AD10
    $699.95 $649.95
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  • Apertura AD12 -  12
    Apertura Apertura 12" Dobsonian Telescope with Accessories - AD12
    $899.95 $879.95
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