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Atik EFW2 Electronic Filter Wheel - 7-Position, 36mm - ATK0086 - Used

SKU: UEQ-7363-ATK-ATK0086
  • Filter Wheel Product Type: Electronic Filter Wheel
  • Filter Wheels by Filter Size: 36 mm
  • Number of Positions: 7
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$585.00 $399.00
AstroZap Visual Baader Solar Filter for 355 mm - 365 mm Outside Diameter Optical Tubes

AstroZap Visual Baader Solar Filter for 347 mm - 357 mm OD Telescopes - AZ1008-1 - Used

SKU: UEQ-13581-AZP-AZ1008-1
  • Filtering Wavelength: White Light
  • White Light Solar Filter Material: Baader AstroSolar Safety Film / TurboFilm
  • Minimum Inside Diameter of Filter: 13.66" (347 mm)
  • Filter Maximum Outside Diameter: 14.05" (357 mm)
$150.00 $99.00
Astronomik CLS CCD Pentax K1 Clip Filter

Astronomik CLS CCD Pentax K1 Clip Filter - CLSCCD-PENTAX - Used

  • Filter Type: CLS/LPR
  • Filter Size: Pentax K1 Clip
  • Filter Shape: Pentax Clip
  • Filter Insert Style: Clip-In
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$239.95 $189.00

Orion Padded Telescope Case for Sky View Pro Telescopes and Atlas or Sirius Mounts - 15176 - Used

SKU: UEQ-14238-ORI-15176
  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 56" x 12.5" x 13" - External
  • Known to Fit: Orion Sky View Pro Telescopes and Atlas or Sirius Mounts
$129.99 $94.00
ADM V Style Saddle for Orion Atlas & SkyWatcher EQ6 Mounts

ADM Accessories V Series Saddle for Orion Atlas & Sky-Watcher EQ6 Mounts - VSAD-EQ6 - Used

  • Type of Mounting Hardware: Saddle Kits
  • Dovetail or Attachment Type: V-Series (Vixen)
  • Dovetail, Saddle or Mount Adapter Length: 6"
$110.00 $89.00

Celestron CB2000CF Binocular Microscope - 44131 - Open Box

SKU: UEQ-14340-CEL-44131
  • Microscope Product Type: Optical Microscope
  • Objective Sizes/DIN: 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X
  • Illumination Type(s): Halogen
  • Head Style: Binocular
  • Magnification (Power): 40x, 80x 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, 2000x
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$275.95 $204.00

Celestron TrailSeeker 10 X 42 Binoculars - 71406 - Used

SKU: UEQ-14402-CEL-71406
  • Binoculars by Aperture: 42mm
  • Binoculars by Magnification: 10X
  • Binoculars by Body Size: Standard Binoculars (35mm to 56mm)
  • Weight (ounces): 22.4
  • Prism Design: Roof Prism
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$249.95 $207.40
StarSense for SkyWatcher SynScan Telescopes

Celestron StarSense Complete System for Sky-Watcher SynScan Telescopes - 94006 - Used

SKU: UEQ-14374-CEL-94006
  • Celestron StarSense AutoAlign technology, now available for computerized Sky-Watcher mounts via an Interface Box, enables nearly instant telescope alignment, making even the most novice observer feel like a seasoned astronomer.
  • Suitable for use with Sky-Watcher HEQ5, EQ6, AZ-EQ5, AZ-EQ6, and EQ8, as well as all SynScan compatible alt-azimuth mounts.
  • Replaces the standard SynScan hand controller.
  • StarSense AutoAlign uses a built-in camera and sophisticated software to automatically determine the identity of celestial objects.
  • Incorporates a database of more than 40,000 celestial objects, along with a Sky Tour option for viewing the best night sky objects from your current vantage point.
  • Four-line, 16-character LCD screen and 19 fiber optic LED buttons are both backlit.
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$579.95 $499.00
Astronomik MC Clear Glass Clip Filter for Canon EOS 5D DSLR Cameras

Astronomik MC Clear Glass Clip Filter for Canon EOS 5D Mk2 and 5D Mk3 DSLR Cameras - C-EOS-5D - Used

  • Filter Type: Clear
  • Filter Size: EOS APS Clip
  • Filter Shape: EOS Clip
  • Filter Insert Style: Clip-In
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$79.95 $55.17
Celestron CGX-L Mount - Dual Saddle Plate

Celestron CGX-L Computerized Equatorial Mount Head - 91531-1 - Open Box

SKU: UEQ-14414-CEL-91531-1
  • Mount Type: Equatorial Mounts
  • Type of Mount Electronics: Computerized - GoTo
  • Weight Capacity (lb.): 75
  • Mount Includes Tripod or Pier: No
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