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The iOptron Corporation began in 2007 and hit the ground running with their innovative SmartStar GoTo mounts. The SmartStar Cube was compact, worked in alt-azimuth mode, had computerized pointing and tracking capabilities, and cost under $200. It was the perfect solution for the thousands of small, lightweight refractor telescope owners who, up until the debut of the iOptron Cube, either used their telescope on a standard photographic tripod or, if they wanted computerized assistance, attached it to a larger (and much heavier) mount. The introduction of the Cube gave these folks a third option, allowing them to have a computerized setup without all the trouble and heavy-lifting associated with a larger telescope mount.

Over the last several years, iOptron has continued to expand its telescope mount line-up. The SmartStar CubePro Alt-Azimuth mount, the latest version of the original Cube, comes with iOptron's GoToNova computerized control system, with over 130,000 objects in its database! Other features and upgrades, like internal GPS, make this lightweight, easy to use mount very popular for small telescope owners, and the price is still very competitive, too.

iOptron Telescope Equatorial Mounts

iOptron has made its mark in the equatorial mount market as well. Newer models include the SmartEQ Pro+, which is a great grab-and-go mount for traveling. If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, the CEM60EC is an upgraded version of the ZEQ25 center-balanced mount, which can take on up to 60 pounds.

If it’s a pro-quality mount for your camera that you’re after, iOptron has you covered! Their SkyTracker Pro Camera Mount comes with a polar scope and long-lasting battery built for 24 hours of continuous operation.