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Baader M44 to T-2 Adapter for Zeiss - Internal Threads - T2-09

SKU: BAD-T2-09

Baader Zeiss M44 to T2 Adapter with Internal Threads - T2-09

The Baader T2-09 adapter converts the internal M44 threads found on Zeiss telescopes and components to a T-2 internal thread, enabling you to solidly attach T-2 accessories to your telescope.

Owners of Zeiss M44 eyepieces can now convert them to 2" barrels, by simply adding a T2-09 and a T2-16 2" Nosepiece. Or, convert the superb Zeiss M44 prism diagonal or amici turret for use with 2" focusers and 1.25" eyepiece holders. This adapter also lets you convert the M44 input/output threads of the unique Zeiss Position Circle (#T2-12) to T-2 thread.