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Baader 2" Refractor/SCT 1.8X Glasspath Corrector - ORJ-R

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Baader 2" 1.8X Refractor/SCT Glasspath Corrector
for MaxBright & Mark V Binocular Viewers

  • The Baader 1.8X Glasspath Corrector was designed for Maxbright and Mark V Binoviewers

  • This Corrector allows binoviewing through refractors and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes with a 2" focuser.

  • Magnifies by 1.8X and extends the focal plane of the telescope

  • The Glasspath corrects for the color errors caused by the long light path.

  • In order to attach the corrector to your telescope, a diagonal with T2 threads, like the Baader T2 2" MaxBright Diagonal, is required.

  • To connect the Corrector to the MaxBright or Mark V Binocular Viewer, the T2-7 Quick Change Ring Adapter is required.

Serving a variety of purposes, this Baader Glasspath Corrector model allows use of a Baader MaxBright or Mark V Binocular Viewer on a refractor or SCT telescope with a 2" focuser. The corrector magnifies by 1.8X , extending the focal length of the telescope while correcting color error caused by the long light-path through the binoviewer glass prisms.

Attachment of the Refractor/SCT Glasspath Corrector to the telescope and binoviewer require accessories that are not included in this package. Please see the last two bullet points above for links to these parts.