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Dew Heater Strips

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Astrozap’s newly designed Dew Heater Strips are a great telescope accessory for active dew fighting. In a dew prevention system, sometimes a non-heated dew shield just isn’t enough and you need to turn up the heat to keep those optics as clear as possible in dewy conditions. AstroZap has got your back.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, Astrozap offers a dew heater strip that generates heat evenly across the strap, made of advanced materials. The telescope side is made with a material that won’t mar or scratch your telescope finish, because what’s the point in buying a product to protect your optics, if it doesn’t protect multiple parts of the telescope?

With this redesign, Astrozap has placed the electrical cord on the same side of velcro fastener to reduce wear on the cable or chances of snagging the cord on various parts of your telescope equipment. The velcro strap itself is enough to write home about. Iti s adjustable and will provide a snug fit for the dew heater strap so that it efficiently applies the heat around the telescope optics.

If the dew heater strip is connected to the Astrozap Dual Channel controller (AZ-720), the strip can use electrical power to conserve battery life, and when it is used with the Astrozap Simple DC Adapter (AZ-719), it will draw unregulated, full amperage. Either of these two products are required to power the dew heater strip.

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