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Baader 7.5 mm T-2 Extension Tube - T2-25C


Baader T-2 7.5 mm Extension Tube

The Baader 25C T-2 Extension Tube is 7.5 mm long, and allows you to securely set or vary the spacing between T-2 components. There are two other lengths available…15 mm (T2-25A) and 40 mm (T2-25B) should you need extra spacing. All three Baader T-2 extension tubes have an internal T-2 thread at one end and an external T-2 thread at the other. Full threading and blackening of the interior kills any stray light reflections.

You can use the T-2 Extension Tubes in a variety of ways through the Baader T-2 System, including:

  • Vary the spacing of the lens relative to camera or eyepiece on he Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor.
  • The T-2 extension tubes provide a secure way of varying projection ratios (eyepiece to camera separation), for the OPFA System
  • The MPCC makes use of the T-2 Extension tubes to accurately locate and couple the coma corrector to eyepieces.