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Celestron Inspire 100AZ Refractor Telescope - 22403

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SKU: CEL-22403

Celestron 100 mm Inspire Refractor Telescope

The Inspire 100AZ refractor, the lightest model in the Inspire series, is a high quality telescope for those with beginner to intermediate levels of experience. The 100 mm Inspire is easy to carry and store, and is equipped with features heretofore unseen on entry level telescopes. These include fully coated glass optics, a sturdy alt-azimuth mount with a special asymmetrical design, a solid adjustable steel tripod with folding accessory tray, built-in smartphone adapter, integrated red LED flashlight, StarPointer Pro finderscope, erect image optics, and a focus micrometer for simple reversal to the same focus point.

The Celestron Inspire has the most straightforward assembly of any telescope of its kind. Just pop open the tripod legs, twist the accessory tray's lock knob, and affix the optical tube to the base with the quick release dovetail mount. That's it. You're now ready to explore the universe!

The Inspire 100AZ has a lens cap with a built-in smartphone adapter. Set your device up against the rubberized friction surface on the exterior of the lens cap so that the camera is observing via the imaging port. Two adjustable bungee cords help safeguard your smartphone. The interior of the lens cap features a fitting that fastens to your eyepiece using two set screws. This is all you need to take high power images through your Celestron Inspire 100AZ!

The mount features an integrated red LED flashlight that when turned on will highlight your accessory tray with a soft red glow. Furthermore, the flashlight can easily be taken from the mount if you desire red light elsewhere.

The focus micrometer is a numbered scale that demonstrates the position of the focuser. It provides fast return to a particular focus point for specific targets like a bird's nest, infinity focus, etc.

Celestron Inspire 100AZ Refractor Highlights

  • Assembly is quicker and easier than any other entry level scope. You'll be ready to observe almost immediately. Just pop open the tripod legs, twist the lock knob, and add the optical tube.
  • The Celestron 100 mm Inspire features a lens cap with a completely integrated smartphone adapter, ideal for amateur astro-imagers. The mount's asymmetrical design simultaneously provides extraordinary support and light weight. Erect image optics supplies a fully correct image for effortless daytime, nighttime, terrestrial or astronomical viewing.
  • Included Alt-Az mount features a red LED flashlight stored in the middle of the mount head. This flashlight can either be used to softly illuminate the accessory tray or taken out easily when an external spotlight is desired.
  • Focus micrometer provides fast return to a particular focus point for specific targets like bird's nests, infinity focus, etc.
  • Comes with a free 1 year "SLOOH Astronomer" subscription. Reserve, control, and image through professional grade telescopes from anywhere. Obtain access to livestream SLOOH shows along with many other perks. This represents a $75 added value.

    Celestron 100 mm Inspire Refractor Telescope Specifications

    • Optical Design: Refractor
    • Aperture: 100 mm
    • Focal Length: 660 mm
    • Focal Ratio: f/6.5
    • Optical Coating: Fully coated
    • Eyepiece Magnification: 20 mm 1.25" Kellner - 35x; 10 mm 1.25" Kellner - 70x
    • Star Diagonal: 1.25" 90º erect image
    • Finder: StarPointer Pro
    • Misc. Accessories: SkyPortal app
    • Resolution: Rayleigh - 1.37 arc seconds; Dawes Limit - 1.14 arc seconds
    • Light Gathering Power: 212x the naked eye
    • Lowest Useful Magnification: 15x
    • Highest Useful Magnification: 241x
    • Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 12.5
    • Tripod: 1.25" diameter steel with 47" max height