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Celestron VSP Vibration Suppression Pads for Tripods - 93503

SKU: CEL-93503

Celestron VSP Vibration Suppression Pads

Celestron Vibration Suppression Pads virtually reduce all scope vibrations that are caused by ground and wind vibrations. Simply place your tripod legs on top of the pads to absorb shock and stabilize your telescope. Celestron’s set of three (3) Vibration Suppression Pads will reduce vibration time by almost 100% and also decrease the vibration amplitude. They work on any surface: grass, dirt, concrete, asphalt, wood, etc. They can be used for both telescopes and spotting scopes.

The Celestron VSP Vibration Suppression Pads allow you to see better and sharper images through your scope more quickly because, with the pads you will rarely have to deal with scope vibrations. If you have your scope set up on your deck or on a surface that is prone to vibrations, the Celestron Vibration Suppression pads are a must-have accessory. The Celestron VSP are built to last a very long time and are simple to use.

Celestron's Vibration Suppression Pads offer exceptional quality because they are made of Sorbothane, a material only available in the USA. This means they will not melt in the Sun and absorb shock much better than silicon.

Celestron Vibration Suppression Pads Include:

  • 3 Vibration Suppression Pads