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Orion 1.25" Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set - 05453

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SKU: ORI-05453

Orion 1.25" Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set

Orion's 1.25" Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set is perfect for any backyard stargazer who is interested in viewing the planets with unparalleled detail. This Premium 20-piece filter set includes a comprehensive assortment of 1.25" color filters to enhance observations of the Moon and planets.

Since planetary surface details and atmospheric phenomena reflect sunlight as contrasting colors, you can use color filters to accentuate subtle details on planets, comets, and the Moon by selectively increasing contrast between features and markings of different hues. Simply put: using various color filters makes planetary details easier to see. You can also "stack" multiple filters to combine filtration effects for unique results.

Each filter included in the Orion Premium 20-Piece Color Planetary Filter Set is vat-dyed for even color coating and then anti-reflection coated for peak performance. Each included color filter features a 1.25" anodized aluminum cell threaded for use with 1.25" Orion telescope eyepieces. Filters can also be stacked to achieve additional enhancement benefits. Each filter can also be used with filter wheels and/or filter sliders for quick and convenient swapping during viewing sessions to compare differently filtered views. (Filter wheels and filter sliders sold separately.) A detailed summary of how to use each filter is included with the set, along with a foam-lined case to protect your filters from dust and debris.