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Eyepiece projection is the branch of astrophotography where you attach an SLR or DSLR camera to the back of an entire visual observation system. With eyepiece projection, you get the magnification benefits of an eyepiece so your subject will appear larger and in greater detail.

Eyepiece projection can be a fun introduction to the world of astrophotography, but it does have its challenges. Adapters and T-rings can be cumbersome to find, and achieving correct back focus can be a headache for those attempting eyepiece projection for the first time. Scopetronix has designed their DigiT System to make eyepiece projection a breeze for anyone with a DSLR camera. No need to sift through dozens of rings just to find the one for your unique setup. Attach the DigiT T-Ring to your camera and you can have everything you need with a single click.

Those experienced in eyepiece projection know that the eyepiece lens and the camera lens must be as close together as possible in order to minimize vignetting. In fact, even a 1/2" of separation will distort an image to appear similar to looking through a soda straw. Luckily the Digi-T is flush with the top of the eyepiece when installed. This adds no space between the eyepiece and camera lens.

While a lot of information is easily available about how best to image using eyepiece projection, this can be a daunting process for beginners. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our imaging experts with any questions!

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