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ZWO LRGB Filter Set - 31mm Unmounted - LRGB-31


ZWO LRGB 31mm Filter Set

Perfect for the ZWO EFWMini or EFW8, and will work fine in any filter wheel that accepts 31mm unmounted filters! This affordable imaging filter set includes four 31 mm filters: Luminance (UV-IR Cut), Red, Green, and Blue. At passband, each filter delivers over 92% light transmission, and has precision off-band blocking and a 700-1100nm infrared wavelength cut-off. There is a spectral gap in these filters that will minimize the effects of light pollution.

The ZWO 31mm LRGB filters are fine-optically polished to reach an accuracy of 1/4 wave. Their performance is further enhanced by multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings.