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ZWO OAG Off-Axis Guider - OAG

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ZWO OAG Off-Axis Guider

The ZWO Off Axis Guider allows you to connect a guide camera to your imaging camera, and comes with several different adapters to make that happen. That means you can guide and capture images of celestial objects simultaneously through one telescope. No guide scope required! The ZWO OAG has a large 8mm x 8mm prism and is lightweight yet tough. It is machined out of aluminum and black anodized for long wear and beauty. The main portion of the OAG is 16.5mm thick, and, along with the required machined adapters, will provide a solid connection at all points.

The ZWO OAG is compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras. To make sure your system comes to focus, you will need to calculate the required distance for your imaging train, and then use the proper extender. To use the ZWO OAG, remove the guider prism portion of the system from the OAG body, and attach the OAG portion to your telescope. Next, insert the prism back into the OAG body, and then mount your guide camera to it. Now, attach the T2 or M48 adapter (choice is dependent on the type of mount the camera has) to your imaging camera, and then mount it to the OAG and lock the M4 retaining screw.

To make sure the imaging camera and the guide camera are both on the same focal plane, use the guiding screw to adjust the guide camera's focus. This step is easier to do during the day because you need to make sure the prism is positioned so that it does not block your imaging area.