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Celestron Heavy Duty Tripod For CPC 1100 - 93493

SKU: CEL-93493

Celestron Heavy Duty Tripod for CPC 1100

The Celestron HD tripod is the same tripod included with top of the line CPC 1100 telescope. Made of stainless steel and metal components. It has fully adjustable legs with metal clamps for solid height adjustment. Comes with a heavy duty, metal accessory tray that maximizes the stability of the tripod. The tripod head has mounting holes for both alt-az mounting (CPC, NexStar GPS) and for use with a wedge.

The metal accessory tray acts as a spreader which maintains the angle of the three legs at the appropriate position for stability. This tray can easily hold six eyepieces plus additional accessories. The lower section of the tripod is constrained by a three-arm tensioner which keeps the legs from sliding outward and adds extra stability. The bottom of each leg is protected by a cushioner foot. The tripod can be folded so that it requires very little storage space, and when in the folded position, the three legs are held together by a strap which is attached to the tripod.