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High Point 8x50 Right Angle Finderscope w/ Bracket - FRA850


High Point Right Angle Finderscope W/ Bracket

  • The 8x50 Right Angle Finderscope with Bracket is a great way to upgrade your existing finder

  • Offers an easy and comfortable way to locate celestial objects

  • Optical surfaces are multi-coated for better resolution

  • A correct-image Amici Prism delivers a non-inverted, non-reversed images of the night sky

  • Our Right Angle Finder offers a 5.6° field of view

  • Cross Hair eyepiece of the 8x50 Right Angle Finder makes it easier to center objects

  • A Bracket and dovetail base is included with our finder which makes it very easy to install on most popular telescopes

  • Weight with Bracket and Shoe: 18.4 oz

Most telescopes come equipped with a basic red-dot finder or a straight through 9x50 finder. The problem with both of those options is that they are uncomfortable when locating celestial objects. The Right Angle Finder from High Point allows you locate your favorite objects without having to crouch down because of its right angle eyepiece configuration.

A large 50 mm aperture collects a considerable amount of light which assists in locating faint deep space objects. Equipped with a Finder Bracket and Shoe, this finder is easy to install on most telescopes. Overall the 8x50 Right Angle Finder from High Point is a great value and is packed full of features!