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High Point Neutral Density Filter 50% Transmission ND96-0.3 - 1.25" - ND96


High Point ND96.0.3 Neutral Density Filter - 1.25"

This High Point ND96 Neutral Density Filter has an 0.3 density, blocking 50% of the light coming through your eyepiece, and letting in the other half. This is a great accessory to own, as it allows you to look at the Moon and other bright objects, such as Venus, without the light overpowering your view. Dimming the light a bit lets your eyes relax and see fainter details. Also, unlike most filters, the ND96 will not change the color of the object you are viewing.

The ND96-0-3 Neutral Density filter from High Point will thread into 1.25" eyepieces, diagonals, Barlows, and other accessories that accept standard 1.25" filters. As an added bonus, you can create custom filtering effects by stacking High Point filters. A protective case is included free of charge.