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iOptron Solar 60 Telescope with Electronic Eyepiece and Safe Solar Filter - 8506

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SKU: IOP-8506

What We Like About The iOptron Solar 60 Telescope with Electronic Eyepiece and Filter

  • The Solar 60 by iOptron is a 60 mm refractor computerized telescope system with a solar filter and an electronic (video) eyepiece

  • The Solar 60 is ideal for observing the Sun, but can also be used during the night, making it a versatile instrument

  • The Solar 60 features a SmartStar Cube-E Mount, 1.3 Mp electronic eyepiece and 90° star diagonal

iOptron Solar 60 is computerized telescope system with a Solarlite solar filter and electronic eyepiece. This computerized iOptron solar telescope for sale makes it possible to see sun spots right on a computer screen and has the capability of locating and auto-tracking to keep the sun, moon, planets or other celestial objects in view. This unique system allows you to capture still photos of video of the sun spots and their movements. The Solar 60 can be set up just about anywhere making it ideal for on the go observation and is securely packed in a matching orange back pack for easy storage and travel. The Solar 60 comes complete with the iE1300 electronic eyepiece and safe Solarlite solar filter to switch to nighttime viewing.

With the iOptron iE1300 Electronic Eyepiece you can experience astro-video and astrophotography for yourself! The iOptron Electronic Eyepiece allows you to view real-time images from your telescope on a (PC) computer screen. The iOptron iE Electronic Eyepiece transmits live video images of the Moon, Sun, planets and terrestrial objects through a USB cable to your computer. Images can be recorded for later playback or frame imaging. It has a 1/3" type, 1.3 megapixel (Mp) CMOS sensor with 1280 x 1024 resolution. This video eyepiece works with all iOptron SmartStar® series and Astroboy® series telescopes! Windows OS compatible. USB cable and PC connectivity.

iOptron Solar 60 with Electronic Eyepiece and Filter Includes:

  • SmartStar Cube-E Mount

  • 8405 GoToNOVA hand controller

  • 60 mm refractor telescope with solar filter

  • 1.3 Mp electronic eyepiece (iE1300)

  • Controller cable

  • 90° star diagonal

  • USB cable

  • 25 mm optical eyepiece

  • Soft bag

  • Tripod

  • Online manual

iOptron Solar 60 with Electronic Eyepiece and Filter Features:

  • 60 mm Refractor/ f/6.0

  • Solar Filter lets you view the Sun, including eclipses, safely

  • Highly portable total weight 10 lb

  • iE1300 Electronic Eyepiece w/USB cable

  • 4-Line LCD screen hand controller

  • GoToNOVA GoTo Technology

  • 5,000+ object database

  • Aluminum Tripod

  • Traditional eyepiece included

  • Matching backpack

iOptron Solar 60 with Electronic Eyepiece and Filter Specifications:

  • Aperture: 60 mm

  • Focal Length: 360 mm

  • Focal Ratio: f/6

  • Motors: Dual-axis DC servomotors, 12 VDC

  • Motor Drive: 5-gear Electric (2x, 16x, 64x, 256x, Max)

  • GO TO Controller: 5,000+ Objects 4-line, 21 Character screen with red backlighting

  • Other Accessories: Electronic eyepiece; Max Resolution: 1280 x 1024, Windows OS Compatible, with USB signal connectivity

  • Filter: Solarlite solar filter

  • Eyepieces: 25 mm eyepiece

  • Battery: 8 AA size batteries (not included)

  • Diagonal: 90° star diagonal

  • Other Accessories: Durable matching back pack for easy storage and travel

  • Tripod: Aluminum

  • Warranty: 1 year, limited