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Losmandy Polar Scope for GM-8, G-9 & G-11 Mounts - PS


Losmandy Polar Scope for GM-8 & G11 Mounts

  • The Losmandy Polar Scope is made for the GM-8, G-9, & G-11 mounts.
  • Useful for aligning your mount in both the Northern & Southern hemispheres.
  • Simple to install; just thread the Losmandy Polar Scope into the mount's polar axis.
  • Alignment is achieved by rotating the polar scope to match the etched pattern of your hemisphere with the appropriate alignment stars, and then making any altitude or azimuth mount adjustments necessary to tweak the overlay of your alignment stars to the reticle.
  • The polar scope comes with a battery-powered thread-on LED illuminator.
  • "Smart" illuminator has adjustments for brightness levels, and will automatically turn itself off after use in order to conserve battery life.