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Lunt Solar LS100THA DSII Internal Double Stack Module - DSII/LS100THA

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Lunt Solar Internal Double Stack Module for Lunt LS100THa

The Lunt Solar Internal Double Stack Module for Lunt LS100THa telescope is an optional add-on etalon unit which you can use with an existing LS100THa solar telescope to reduce the Hydrogen-Alpha bandpass to less than 0.5 Angstrom.

This Internal Double Stack Module by Lunt Solar fits threads into LS100THa solar telescope. This DSII uses Lunt's Pressure Tuning system for True Doppler Tuning effects for solar observing. The LS100THA does not need to be returned to the factory for double-stacking with the DSII as long as you have a current model (red anodized front cell). If you have an older LS100THa (white front cell) then your telescope will have to be updated before it can accept the DSII. If that is the case, please contact us and we will help you through the process.

Note: This product can only be used and installed in a Lunt Solar model LS100THa Solar Telescope! It is not a solar filter that can be used by itself or with any other model or size solar telescope.